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Clyde and Mab on Marriage

Clyde–  He’s not even trying with the pictures any more. Mab–  At least one of them is a vampire. Clyde– So, we’re really going to do this? Mab–  He locked us in a room, so we don’t have a choice. … Continue reading

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A Villain’s Happy Ending?

Now, Joker and Harley Quinn never got married, but this is something that gets overlooked a lot.  In fact, I’m having trouble remembering any husband/wife married couples.  There are probably very few that have a stable relationship because most people … Continue reading

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Wedding Palace: If You Have the Vows, We Have the Wows

Welcome young lovers to Wedding Palace, the store with all of your magical wedding needs. Is this for a party or quick vows before running away from an evil wizard?  I warn you that the fast lane is a little … Continue reading

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Pre-Marriage Bonds

This week might be rather list heavy now that I look at my topics.  Anyway, the first piece of a marriage is getting the characters together and creating a bond.  I know this is more the dating and engagement part, … Continue reading

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Happily Never After

Due to some confusion, we (Ionia & Charles) feel that something should be made clear. We aren’t married. We are very close friends that care a lot about each other and are comfortable enough to tease and banter without holding … Continue reading

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Man in a Tuxedo and a Batman Beyond Shirt

Somebody has requested that I post pictures of myself in a tuxedo.  We’ll call this person The Nut.  With all respect, of course.  These are the two pictures.  Please remember that this is after waking up at 3am and driving … Continue reading

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The Halfling Wedding

Fuzzy feet ran through town Scrambling to prepare Tents go up and chairs set down An event was in the air The village waited in their seats As bride and groom were hid For a day they were the elite … Continue reading

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