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Monster Month: Bunyip

Is that what a Bunyip looks like?  No idea because the descriptions were incredibly varied and I couldn’t find many common factors beyond ‘aquatic’.  Not surprising since this is folklore that was spread across Australia.  Even the name has regional … Continue reading

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7 Tips to Battling in the Rain

I’m going to do three ‘7 Tips’ posts this week.  Each one is going to touch on a specific weather pattern and how it influences battles in fiction.  Many authors go for one of these three, but they don’t always … Continue reading

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Poetry Day: Aquarium of Montgomery Drawlls

(This is a silly poem I made about an aquarium with unique creatures.  I would make poems like this just to flex my imagination.  It’s similar to Bestiary of Blatherhorn Vale, which I made years ago.) If you find yourself … Continue reading

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Otto’s Oasis Outfitter Organization: Buy 5 Palm Trees, Get a Giant Boulder Free

Hope you enjoyed the long walk.  Have a glass of cool water before we start.  Cold water will hurt your stomach after dealing with the heat.  Now, I assume you’ve already purchased the area for building.  We do many things … Continue reading

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Desert Adventures: Hard to Do Without Writing ‘Dessert’ By Accident At Least Once

I’ve actually talked about sea journeys and a few other specific types over the years, but I realized that I never touched on this one.  Desert adventures have been really popular for a long time.  You find it in many … Continue reading

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Sal’s Sublime Submarine Supermarket!

So, you’re looking to journey to the depths of our world!  Not the rocky ones, but the watery ones that have plenty of critters to haunt your nightmares.  Well, since you’re lacking gills and fins, you’ve come to the right … Continue reading

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Another Collection of Finished Puzzles

With it being the Super Bowl, I have a party going on and people visiting, so a complicated post isn’t going to get the response from me that it deserves.  Instead, I’m going to be showing the next set of … Continue reading

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Teaser Tuesday: Hunters and Prey #fantasy #adventure

Welcome back to Teaser Tuesday.  Enjoy this piece from Legends of Windemere: Allure of the Gypsies! “She tricked me again,” Trinity growls as she drags herself out of the river. She looks up at the top of the thirty-foot waterfall with … Continue reading

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Elemental Uses: Earth Can Be Fun

The last of this element series is one that doesn’t get as much attention as the others because it has a lot of limitations.  Earth isn’t an element that can be rationalized very easily if it comes from the human … Continue reading

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Elemental Uses: Water the Tri-Form Element

Water users tend to fall into one of three categories with a third rarely showing up.  I’m going to divide it up that way instead of what I did before.  Mostly because water is an element that is infamous for … Continue reading

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