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Poetry Day: Boozing with Fiction

(This was a fun one I put together long ago.  Wanted to see how many types of alcohol I could use before I ran out of steam.) Drink tequila with a pixie To say no would be quite risky Chug … Continue reading

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The Titan’s Tiny Tea Shop: Pick Own Leave At Own Risk

Welcome to our tea shoppe!  I’m sure you’ve been told about all of our flavors, which you can pick yourself.  Oh, you weren’t told about that part.  Guessing the signs and a large fence around the property weren’t big enough … Continue reading

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7 Rules to Being a Barbarian in Windemere

If someone outside of the tribe calls you names then smile and offer to buy them a drink.  If they insult the tribe then loom over them and give off an intimidating presence.  If they insult your parents or spouse … Continue reading

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Eating, Sleeping, & Other Little Things in Literature

I’ve been asked a few times about how one fits in the necessary daily actions of a character during a story.  This ranges from eating, sleeping, using the bathroom, and grooming activities.  They’re tiny things, but many people wonder about … Continue reading

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Excerpt: Little Brother and Big Sister

(From Legends of Windemere: Prodigy of Rainbow Tower) “So this is where you went,” Nyx slurs, awkwardly sliding to the floor. “Eporwil must be so proud of you,” Luke says, his face a mixture of worry and mild amusement. “The … Continue reading

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Going Old-School (Curled Up On Floor)

Okay.  Not so much curled up, but I’ve decided to camp out on the bathroom floor until my hangover becomes more manageable.  By camp out, I mean I set up my laptop in here and took a seat on the … Continue reading

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Upside/Downside/Floor Side

Upside:  I got through to Amazon and my ‘out of print’ issue will be fixed. Downside:  It takes 3-5 days for the change to take place. Floor Side:  I’m going out for late bday drinks.  I assume the floor will … Continue reading

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Chumbawamba- Tubthumping

Two reasons I like this song.  One is that I have had some big drinking events in the past, but nothing compared to certain friends of mine.  The other is because it seems whenever I’m knocked down the list, I … Continue reading

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Baileys Irish Cream Pleasantly chilled with some ice The end of my day (Cheers and goodnight to everyone!)

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L.o.W.- Prodigy of Rainbow Tower Part 3

The mid-day serenity of Visindor Forest is broken by the sound of trumpets and dwarven drums. The simple music reverberates through the trees for miles. Animals that are too curious for their own good, wander to the edge of the … Continue reading

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