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Birthday Party Aftermath

Luke Callindor– You know, I’m not really sure when my birthday is.  I think it’s in the spring. Sari– I’m kind of lost on that too.  The author really has an issue with passage of time.  I think I know … Continue reading

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The Year of Green Cake

(First, I will say that the picture above is a Green Tea Cake.  I never had it and I assume it’s yummy.  I chose it for the color, which is important to the following story.) Being Jewish, one of the … Continue reading

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Today I Turn 34 . . . Yippee?

I have grown to ‘meh’ my day Not oohing at the passing time For it feels just like a Wednesday No different from the rest I know not when this started That my birthday held few sparks Perhaps from years … Continue reading

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Birthday Present?

So tomorrow is my birthday and I figure it’s the perfect time to say this: I would be so happy and appreciative to anyone who decides to promote any of my books tomorrow. Thanks to anyone who wants to help … Continue reading

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Welcome to Ye Olde Bakery: Cakes Are Fresh, Bakery is Olde

(Yes, I agree the guy who writes these ‘Shop Skits’ should make a category for them.  Must be the old age and a sense of laziness.  What?  Get on with the post and stop breaking the fourth wall?  Fine, but … Continue reading

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Birthdays in Literature Mean Uh-Oh

One thing I’ve learned in writing is that when you see a birthday scene, something BIG is about to happen.  Whether it be Bilbo Baggins leaving the ring to Frodo or Harry Potter being told he’s a wizard, this event … Continue reading

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Pre-Birthday Goal Post

Last week saw . . . well, I really didn’t have much of a plan last week.  I wanted to relax and get a little outlining done.  Book 8 is now in a position where I can pounce on it … Continue reading

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