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Thoughts on Parenting an Autistic Child

I’ve been dancing around writing something about this for a long time.  I’ve mentioned that my son is on the spectrum.  Earlier this year, we had the official test . . . or was it late 2019?  Either way, he … Continue reading

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At Least I Got Some Writing Done

This was certainly a week to remember. The title above is actually the highlights of a really trying and emotionally exhausting time.  It actually led to me scheduling a post for August 2nd about parenting and autism.  I’d do it … Continue reading

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Questions 3: Autism in Fiction

I’m sure a few people are already twitching at this topic and wondering if I’ve gone mad with the topic.  This is a very delicate subject for some, but it’s been on my mind for a while.  More so now … Continue reading

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