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#Birthday Time! War of Nytefall: Rivalry is on Amazon! #vampires #fantasy

Normally, I do a Teaser Tuesday to promote the newest book, War of Nytefall: Rivalry.  Yet, it’s also my birthday and there’s no excerpt that I can pick to connect the two.  That leaves me wondering what I should do since … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday, Pamela

Happy Birthday to Pamela at Poetry By Pamela! Don’t know who she is? Visit her blog and pick up her books for 99 cents each as a happy birthday surprise. CLICK ON THE COVER TO SEE THE BOOK!

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The Year of Green Cake

(First, I will say that the picture above is a Green Tea Cake.  I never had it and I assume it’s yummy.  I chose it for the color, which is important to the following story.) Being Jewish, one of the … Continue reading

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Today I Turn 34 . . . Yippee?

I have grown to ‘meh’ my day Not oohing at the passing time For it feels just like a Wednesday No different from the rest I know not when this started That my birthday held few sparks Perhaps from years … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday, Pamela

Get the cake And pile it high Today is a birthday So make it reach the sky Add in some chocolate And frosting flowers on the edge Tier it to help those in need Make sure that part is gluten … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday, Green Embers

Happy birthday to the leader of the Rome Construction Crew, Green Embers. If you’re curious what the Rome Construction Crew is about, click on the colorful name.

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