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The Spymaster a.k.a. Why Intel is Important Even to Fictional Armies

In the War of Nytefall series, Kai Stavros is the acting spymaster working under Xavier Tempest.  His job is to gather information on enemies, handle assassinations, and report on potential dangers to his master.  Kai isn’t much of an infiltrator in … Continue reading

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Post Revisited- Sneaky Munchkin

This is a son post from October 8th, 2014.  I’m noticing there is a lot of blog activity in October.  At the very least, it’s one of the months where I had a lot less in terms of reblogs, promo … Continue reading

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Sneaky Munchkin

Typically, the little guy is about as sneaky as an elephant in a living room.  Trust me when I say that makes sense in my head.  So he’ll come running down a hallway yelling about how he’s going to hug … Continue reading

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