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From the Mouth of the Toddler (Also 2,000th Post!)

This is supposed to be the 2,000th post and I’ll do it with another list of comedy from the toddler.  He’s been on a roll lately.  So, let’s jump into it: “I am a dog!”  (Spent weekend playing with a … Continue reading

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Battle of the Chicken Nuggets

Goldfish crackers Whipped cream alone Chips and fries galore This is all you eat Today I say no more A bag of carrots That you refuse Yogurt that you request We try them all It’s become a patience test Late … Continue reading

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TMNT and a Three-Year-Old

I may have had TMNT on when sorting laundry and my son came in to see ‘The Tuttles’.  I tried to change to a tamer cartoon since he’s three, but he kept yelling about wanting to know what happened to … Continue reading

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Baby Fingers

Gooey and curious Getting into everything With a mind of their own Toilet paper on the floor Cereal in the couch An ice cream scoop In the bathtub Books stacked in the morning DVDs strewn at night These little fingers … Continue reading

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Grubby Fingers

Sticky and wiggly Getting into everything Leaving prints on the wall Spreading paint along the window And in his tangled hair Flushing toilets That whisks a roll away Editing and posting When my back is turned All the while he … Continue reading

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My wife goes out To shop and escape Leaving me With the resting child The door clicks closed His eyes click open With mischief in their core Toilet paper flies And cars fall down the stairs Paints on the floor … Continue reading

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Declaration of the Parent

Today I sit On very little sleep Roused before the rooster By the toddler’s call Unable to appease him Or run him out of steam Before the sun appears And ends my hope of sleep

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