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Fireworks? Eh, That’s Old News. Time for Goals

Seriously, there have been fireworks going off almost nightly for at least three weeks. If I didn’t have a son, I wouldn’t have noticed them any more.  Doesn’t look like any official shows are going on, so we’ll probably head … Continue reading

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An Unexpected Delay in . . . Here

First, an apology that I won’t have a teaser going up today.  Getting very hard to pick out of everything and not sure how to change that.  Also check out below. I don’t know what’s wrong with me.  I got … Continue reading

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On This Day of Candy & Costumes

This is nothing more than a hodgepodge of videos and stuff.  Like a haiku/whatever: Welcome Halloween A night of sweets and terror Both beloved and feared It is a strange day this Halloween.  Just look into the origin of it … Continue reading

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Back to the Land of the Semi-Standing

A big thank you to everyone who helped with the Bestiary of Blatherhorn Vale tweet blast and an extra thank you to Ionia for setting it up.  I really appreciate it.  Beginning of a Hero got a decent sales boost … Continue reading

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First Day of Goal Battling & Rambling

I’m going to try to write successes when I reach them to see if that pushes me forward better.  I noticed last week that I kept thinking ‘I still have time’ until I hit Thursday and realized everything went wrong. … Continue reading

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Forgotten Within All the Morning Madness

So with the bone-chilling cold, my confusion of 12.99 eBooks, the looming of Passover, and the comedy routine that is getting my son on the bus, I forgot to mention something. As of 11:15 last night, I finished the hand … Continue reading

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