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Why Do I Use Humor?

Honestly, I thought this would be a more challenging question with a deeper answer, but I’ve been sitting here for a while.  The question of how to use humor has been asked several times, but I always wanted to touch … Continue reading

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Halloween Funnies!

Tomorrow is Halloween, which means . . . I really don’t know because I’m setting this up in late July.  Trick-or-treating might be a thing since masks are part of costumes.  Unlike last year, I’ve got my son for most … Continue reading

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Questions 3: Where Do You Go for a Laugh?

I always enjoy putting comedy into my books.  The categories tend to be sight gags, attempts at wit, and slapstick.  At least those are the ones I can recognize since I’m not an expert on comedy.  I like to laugh … Continue reading

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John Cleese on Terror Alerts

(This was forwarded to me and I was going to simply forward it to a few people, but I HAD to share it.  John Cleese is hilarious and I think everyone needs some laughs.  Although, I’ve found evidence this is … Continue reading

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Genre and Frustration

I must be insane.  I have spent the majority of my life writing in the realm of fantasy and science fiction.  Occasionally, I have wandered over to pirates, wild west, and other genres, but I always held onto a magical … Continue reading

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