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Charles Yallowitz was born and raised on Long Island, NY, but he has spent most of his life wandering his own imagination in a blissful haze. Occasionally, he would return from this world for the necessities such as food, showers, and Saturday morning cartoons. One day he returned from his imagination and decided he would share his stories with the world. After his wife decided that she was tired of hearing the same stories repeatedly, she convinced him that it would make more sense to follow his dream of being a fantasy author. So, locked within the house under orders to shut up and get to work, Charles brings you Legends of Windemere. He looks forward to sharing all of his stories with you and his wife is happy he finally has someone else to play with.

New Release….

Originally posted on Daily Echo:
Doomsday: Dark Sage Now available on Amazon The piper of Shacklow The fiddler of Fin The old woman of Demon’s Dale Calls them all in. They said I was born of the Balefire, when the…

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What Did I Cook This Week?

Maybe this will become a new thing if I retain the cooking chores around here.  Also if I do any interesting.  This week was rather tame, especially after my parents came home 2 weeks early from their trip.  This didn’t … Continue reading

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Special Halloween Treat — New Free Short Story “The Dusk Bugs”!

Originally posted on Michelle Proulx — The Website:
As the title of this post indicates, I have a special Halloween treat for you — a free short story! This is my latest foray into the world of short fiction writing…

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On This Day of Candy & Costumes

This is nothing more than a hodgepodge of videos and stuff.  Like a haiku/whatever: Welcome Halloween A night of sweets and terror Both beloved and feared It is a strange day this Halloween.  Just look into the origin of it … Continue reading

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Audiobook Giveaway!

Originally posted on disregard the prologue:
Release day approacheth! I can’t take a lot of credit for this one, what with being a sellout and all. The good folks at Tantor have performed their magic, rounded up their talent, worked…

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Monsters by C. Miller

Last day of monsters has those ‘donated’ by C. Miller.  Check out her blog and her two books: REAVE and ELUDE! Garfink This is a plant creature that has the ability to take the form of whatever flora it touches … Continue reading

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#Read a #FREEBIE #Fantasy #ShortStory #BOOK by #Author Natasja Hellenthal

Originally posted on Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog….. An Author Promotions Enterprise!:
I have decided to give away a #FREEBIE of one of my short stories! It’s currently #2 in Teen and Young Adult and #3 in Science…

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