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Charles Yallowitz was born and raised on Long Island, NY, but he has spent most of his life wandering his own imagination in a blissful haze. Occasionally, he would return from this world for the necessities such as food, showers, and Saturday morning cartoons. One day he returned from his imagination and decided he would share his stories with the world. After his wife decided that she was tired of hearing the same stories repeatedly, she convinced him that it would make more sense to follow his dream of being a fantasy author. So, locked within the house under orders to shut up and get to work, Charles brings you Legends of Windemere. He looks forward to sharing all of his stories with you and his wife is happy he finally has someone else to play with.

Ministerial Musings at No Cost to You!

Originally posted on Here there Be Dragons!:
Ministerial Musings, written by Dr. Wilson Jay Tyree of Tyree Tomes, is available for FREE through the Kindle app until tomorrow night (September 2nd). This book is a work of heart as Dr.…

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Rewards for an Author: Not by the Numbers

We all see posts by authors, myself included, about sales numbers, rankings, reviews, and other things that we accept with glee.  I know during a debut month, these things are very important.  They can make or break an author’s confidence.  … Continue reading

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Thanks and August Numbers!

First, a big thanks to the last week of blog tour volunteers: Tracy Carrig Rosie Amber Jade Reyner Marie Ann Bailey Linda Hill Nicholas Rossis Elaine Jeremiah Jo Robinson And here are the final numbers for August.  Not a full … Continue reading

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Returning to Work Soon

The above is the closest to getting to a theater for the one weekend re-release.  No babysitter can be found and I don’t think bringing the 5-year-old to this movie would be a good idea.  For him and the other … Continue reading

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New drawing for $25 Amazon gift card #contest thing

Originally posted on Gwen Bristol:
Enter for a chance to win a $25 Amazon gift card! by reviewing the Night Ones. (See below for details. :) I’m so excited about this! While I wait for the final book cover for…

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Re-release of The Night Ones

Originally posted on Gwen Bristol:
The Night Ones is a re-release of The Night Ones Legacy (see the picture below this post). This book cover will hold the place of the final book cover, which is coming soon. Early this summer…

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Influenced by Anime: Long Influence List

Last Saturday I mentioned some of the video games that inspired me.  Today I’m moving on to anime, which are Japanese cartoons. This is a longer list since I was introduced to anime around the same time I started creating … Continue reading

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