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Goal Post: The Week of Recovery and Progress

Well, another week of summer is done.  Means I’m inching closer to the school year, which is promising to be exciting.  I think.  I’ll get a better idea this week when I go in for two days to get some … Continue reading

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Goal Post: Kind of Better Than Before

So, I’m writing this the night before instead of working on Darwin & the Halfling Hunt.  I figure I wrote 2 sections and merged the next two because they work better together, so it counts as my three.  This means, I … Continue reading

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Goal Post: Post-Covid Fatigue Sucks!

For those who remember my post from last week, I tested negative for Covid just in time for July 4th.  Don’t start cheering yet.  While my son and I got to play video games and have fun, it was still … Continue reading

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Goal Post: Monkey Wrenches Aplenty

This week didn’t go as planned.  Zoo trip, family outing, shopping, and fireworks show last night were effectively cancelled.  Only finished through Chapter 7 of Darwin & the Halfling Hunt instead of into 9.  So, what went wrong? I got COVID. … Continue reading

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Midday Booster: Covid vs Allergies Memes

I have really bad allergies this time of year.  It’s usually a raspy cough and trouble breathing, which makes people think cold or pneumonia.  At least that’s how it used to go before 2020.  Now, I have strangers looking at … Continue reading

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