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Did Things Go To Plan? HA HA HA!

Chasing Bedlam Coming Next Week! The hope is I’ll get it set up on Monday and make the big announcement on Tuesday, which is when I’ll send the HTML to all the volunteers.  Thank you again for helping out with … Continue reading

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Long Delayed Meetings

Funny how it took me so long to get to this post.  To be fair, I made a note on a piece of paper with badly erased pencil on it.  Anyway, this is about characters that are connected, but don’t … Continue reading

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The Danger of a Series Delay

Back in my college days, the Wheel of Time series was big and popular.  It still is today, but it was bright and shiny in my circle of friends.  So much that a few of them would only read a … Continue reading

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Day 3 of Vacation

I might be extending this break until after the convention.  It might be a bad move to start writing the 5th book and then go off for a weekend where I can’t work on it.  Especially since the book starts … Continue reading

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The Rum Is Not Gone!

That’s really my only accomplishment today.  I bought rum.  Maybe I’ll get the Novelspot Behind the Scenes thing done.  I have 6 days done and day 7 is basically about my self-publishing work, so that will be done before unconsciousness … Continue reading

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Week of Derailment

I swear that something out there is angry at me for something.  After computer problems, crippling stomach problems, errands, and all other levels of delays, I thought there was nothing else that could happen. Enter a cracked tooth and tomorrow’s … Continue reading

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Editing Interrupted

Yeah.  I was aiming to get one chapter edited per day, but it looks like I’ve been derailed for the next two days.  Have to ship my parents off to Panama tomorrow, which means I get the house to myself … Continue reading

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