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Author Month: Your First ‘The End’

This is apparently a big month for authors.  I can’t tell if NaNoWriMo is the cause or an effect of this designation.  Either way, I think it will be fun to use the Tuesdays in this month to shares some … Continue reading

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The Grand Finale

A long road has been written Through typos and twists You have seen it to the end Fingers worn and callused Pencils down to nubs The corpses of pens fill a drawer A cemetery you refuse to toss Keys on … Continue reading

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Closure and Cliffhangers: Coming to the End

Even if you’re nervous about writing the ending of your story, it has to get done.  You can’t simply walk away and hope people forgive you.  There has to be closure to some extent or even a mysterious ending that … Continue reading

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The Ending Emporium

Welcome to the Ending Emporium where you can find the perfect ending to your story.  If you started at my sister’s Beginning Bazaar then you’re eligible for our 15% epilogue discount.  No, we’re not associated with the Midpoint Market, but … Continue reading

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The End

For many authors, there is one piece of a story that is the toughest and scariest:  THE END.  You might have a plan for it or you might not, but there is something about writing that last chapter/page/paragraph/line that hits … Continue reading

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