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The Fun of Writing Outdoors

With summer here, many people find that they want to spend as much time outside as possible.  Usually because I’m writing this in May, so I have no idea if we’re still under lockdown or not.  Last thing I heard … Continue reading

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The Dream of Nytefall

The actions of Leo Kandrel in War of Nytefall: Eradication pose a big threat to Clyde and his people.  They are being hunted and can be returned to their old-vampire or mortal state, which makes them easy prey.  People are starting to … Continue reading

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Peace or Loneliness

Alone No voices, but my own The chaos dies Giving me my time Thoughts bubble As my mind churn Bringing peace Alone My voice echoing Chaos killed by dull Forcing time upon me Emotions bubble Making my heart churn Bringing … Continue reading

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Along the Desert Path

I walk into the heat With scraps and sweat My protection from the sun I feel the sand Compact beneath my feet Irritating grains Slipping between my toes Yet I continue on Into the harshness Designed to kill all fools … Continue reading

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