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Questions 3: The Plot is the Glue or Something

Last of the elements is plot.  This is the ‘what’ is happening to the characters and in the setting.  Also, you may want to explain ‘why’, which can overlap with the other two.  The simplest explanation is that these are … Continue reading

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A Fictional World History: Do You Need It?

It’s not always clear if you need to create a world history, especially when you’re doing fantasy.  Sure, you may think it’s necessary because that’s what all of the big names have done.  We know so much about Middle Earth, … Continue reading

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Birthdays in Literature Mean Uh-Oh

One thing I’ve learned in writing is that when you see a birthday scene, something BIG is about to happen.  Whether it be Bilbo Baggins leaving the ring to Frodo or Harry Potter being told he’s a wizard, this event … Continue reading

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April 9th: Birthday And . . .?

(Add-on: This is my 500th post?  Wow.  Talk about odd timing.) So this is my birthday.  The first one where I had a blog to post on.  The first one where I’m a published author.  The second one that started … Continue reading

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