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Career Hero: For the Glory and Money

Booster Gold is a character who didn’t step into being a hero to help others or save the world.  He traveled from the future to use his higher tech and past event knowledge to gain fame and glory.  I got … Continue reading

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The Great Hoarder

Surrounded by wealth And extravagance He sits in his castle Never needing But always wanting While his brethren Starve and scramble for life He has more wealth Than one man needs Earned through work And thought Yet more he gathers … Continue reading

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Seven Sin Rondelets

This set of 8 short poems stem from a conversation from years back.  It was a philosophical discussion that went all over the place and eventually landed on the concept of sin.  We discussed how every person is slightly sinful … Continue reading

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The Emerald Gods

The putrid blood Of human civilization Forged by greed Disguised as necessity Raising the three gods Bathed in emerald light Scraps of decorated paper Chunks of etched metal Numbers That only exist in space These deities are worshipped And horded … Continue reading

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