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7 Ways to Hurt a Hero: Don’t Read If You’re a Hero. Thanks.

Don’t let the picture fool you.  We aren’t talking exclusively about physical pain and torment.  That’s fairly easy and people have their own preferences.  Some villains go for the bones while others focus on the skin.  I went to Evil … Continue reading

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Core of the Champions: Nyx

Nyx is a powerful sorceress and her love of fire shows that she used to simply be called the ‘Fire Hero’.  Wasn’t really sure how this worked in the game because she didn’t learn any fire magic until a year … Continue reading

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Author Life: Confidence is Key

You really need to have confidence in yourself and your writing to get far.  We all have moments of doubt, but you need to retain some level of defiance in the face of bad reviews, stupid mistakes, and whatever else … Continue reading

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Quest of the Broken-Hearted Part 2

First, I’m not going to do any real spoilers here.  I’m also going to remind people that this is a possibility and it’s turning out to be the one that needs some prep work if I’m going to use it.  … Continue reading

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Uh . . . What Happened to My Lich?

I’m still working on the first chapter section of book 5, but have to take a break to cook an early, reheatable dinner.  It’s chicken parm if anyone is wondering.  The truth is that I really don’t want to do … Continue reading

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Message to My History

(Poetry Prompt #10) Defiance Tell them to F*ck off I am sure they all will scoff Ignore them for they are no help Until you prove you are not a whelp A lost child with the mind of a stupid … Continue reading

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Fighting to the End

I’m going to be trying a new style called a nonet.  I was told about this style by dribblingpensioner who is a very talented poet.  I am very thankful that he took the time to explain this poetic style to … Continue reading

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