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When Kindness Change the Villain

Above, you will see a picture from the anime called ‘One Piece’.  Don’t go running away yet because there’s a point.  In the scene, you have one of the heroes named Sanji (blonde) with a villain named Ghin (guy on … Continue reading

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Returning the Favor in Fiction and Reality

I was watching anime with my son when I noticed that there was a theme that popped up a bunch.  Not in one episode, but in various series.  It isn’t one that I’ve ever considered or seen much about, so … Continue reading

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The Helpful Humans of Crossing Bedlam

I was thinking about the post-apocalyptic and post-disaster stories that I’ve read, seen, or even heard about over my lifetime.  One thing has struck me as odd.  In most of these scenarios, the majority of humanity are self-centered, destructive, untrustworthy, … Continue reading

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The Big Man

Immense in stature Powerful and imposing Yet gentle of heart Kind of word Loyal to friends While vicious to his foes It pays to befriend a Big Man Because you never know If their heart is huge

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