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End of Winter Break and Nearing the Start of a Debut!

First, I’m going to announce that War of Nytefall: Eradication is live tomorrow.  I’ll be honest.  It’s already live, but I’m doing the big proclamation tomorrow.  So, that’s something to look forward to.  On to the past and future . . . … Continue reading

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Let the Winter Break Begin with an Awkward Nap

Today is the first full day of my Winter Break and it feels like things aren’t going to be calm in any way.  First, I want to say that there is A BIG ANNOUNCEMENT coming tomorrow that I’m surprised I’m … Continue reading

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Goal Post . . . Was This a Week or a Month?

I really can’t remember much of what happened prior to Thursday.  I know stuff did occur and a lot of things were moved from mine and my son’s room.  It’s still 1.5 weeks until the floors get worked on and … Continue reading

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Goal Post: What Does It Mean When You’re So Tired that Your Eyes Keep Crossing?

That’s a genuine question.  As usual, I’m writing this Friday night, but I’m finding it difficult because the white parts of the screen are overly bright.  Makes me want to shut my eyes and I’m noticing that my blinks are … Continue reading

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The Working Out Author: Everyone Has a Plan and an Opinion

I’m not 100% certain how to start this post out.  You see, I do need to lose some gut and it’s been suggested that it’s one of (some say only) reasons I have repeated back issues.  Not sure I agree … Continue reading

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Another Warning to Authors! (1,000th Post)

This is my 1,000th post, so I felt I should make an important public service announcement.  This is for all authors that spend a lot of time sitting in front of a computer and churning out their books.  Well, it … Continue reading

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RCC Goals Up-Date: Bungling or Like a Boss?

As a member of the Rome Construction Crew, I have goals and push toward those goals.  So, this is a monthly update of my victories, failures, and somewhere in the middle.  Not sure where to start, but let’s try it: … Continue reading

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