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The Crying Hero: Saving Your Life While Getting Dehydrated

I couldn’t really look into the Bully Hero without making a post about the opposite side of the coin.  The Crying Hero can be picked on by the Bully Hero, but they can also operate alone.  The key point is … Continue reading

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A 3-Day Weekend To Wri . . . Is It the Thought that Counts Here? (Big, Angry Rant Because I Think I’m About Done)

(This post started comically and with good humor, but then it took a big turn.  You’ll see why.) Last weekend was fun with the little guy around.  I managed to finish a chapter section that was in limbo last Saturday … Continue reading

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Tears & Laughter: When Comedies Make You Cry

For those who don’t know what the above video is and didn’t play it, this might not make much sense.  In all honestly, most people look at cartoons as stuff for kids with no substance and total immaturity.  Those aimed … Continue reading

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