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You Never Know Who Is Suffering

There is a constant scream It is in silence Though there are signs Awkward movements Eyes of others Hold daggers of poison Itches and coughs Heartbeat rushing Even when at rest Tears welling up But only flowing in solitude Cracks … Continue reading

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Feeling Helpless

Like a screaming child I feel lost and scared As I hear your plight Too far to give a hand And barely lend an ear I can only sit and wait For flitting chances To be the friend you need … Continue reading

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Valentine’s Day: Message to the Lovers and Haters (Some Cursing)

(Controversial personal opinion ahead!  You’ve been warned!) I never really got into this holiday even when I got a girlfriend/wife.  Prior to the girlfriend/wife, I simply didn’t care. After the girlfriend/wife entered the scene, I realized something: I STILL didn’t … Continue reading

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