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The Ghosts of the Mountain: Snow Leopards

The first time I heard about a snow leopard was when I read about them in Zoobooks.  I got the whole set of those magazines.  I can’t remember if they had their own issue or it was one for big … Continue reading

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Big Cat of the City: The Leopard

This was a tough one because there are 8 subspecies.  All of them look the same, so getting the pictures was a pain.  I gave up and decided to simply go for a general thing.  There isn’t much difference between … Continue reading

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The Fastest Land Animal Needs Help: The Cheetah

The cheetah can run from 50-80 MPH.  It’s synonymous with speed, which is where many people stop thinking about them.  Unfortunately, they’re also very endangered.  I remember being told that this was because they suffered from a lot of inbreeding, … Continue reading

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7 Tips to Giving Your Heroes and Villains Exotic Pets

Let’s keep the subject going because maybe there’s more to this than we realize.  After all, a character can be defined by their friends and that includes pets.  Yet, you can’t just toss anything in on a whim.  Not unless … Continue reading

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Exotic Pets in Fantasy: Raise Your Hand If You Just Imagined a Dragon

Something that comes up from time to time in fantasy is heroes or villains having unique pets.  These can be real animals or monsters, but it really comes down to it being something you don’t normally see.  For example, Lost’s … Continue reading

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Monsters of Windemere: Calicos

The above picture might not be the best example since the calicos of Windemere aren’t super strong, easily angered, hard to hurt aliens.  I’ve been using these cat-people since Legends of Windemere: Beginning of a Hero.  They could be considered monsters … Continue reading

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Goals Achieved? Now What?

First, I’m happy to announce that they caught the injured stray cat.  Took a week, but it finally walked into a trap and got taken to the vet.  Prior to this, the cocky beast would lounge on top of the … Continue reading

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Teaser Tuesday: Day of the Carrier Beasts

Here is another Chasing Bedlam teaser since people seem to be enjoying those.  I wanted to do one for Legends of Windemere: The Spirit Well, but I really couldn’t find anything that didn’t have spoilers.  Enjoy the carnage!

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So You Wanna Use a Pet in Fiction?

Long ago, I remember playing a D&D game where our group had several pets.  There was a bear who ended up being killed by a goblin firing squad.  Two wolves that were killed because the player kept demanding we heal … Continue reading

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So You’re Going to Give Your Character a Pet

So, you want to use a pet in your story.  Good idea.  There’s a long tradition of helpful animal companions of both natural and magical varieties.  It all comes down to what you want you’re looking for.  Here are some … Continue reading

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