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Pet Tales from the Olden Days (D&D Games)

So, one of the reasons I came up with this week’s topic is because I remembered a few stories of when I played Dungeons and Dragons.  These are the earlier days of high school where we were goofing off and … Continue reading

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7 Tips to Giving Your Heroes and Villains Exotic Pets

Let’s keep the subject going because maybe there’s more to this than we realize.  After all, a character can be defined by their friends and that includes pets.  Yet, you can’t just toss anything in on a whim.  Not unless … Continue reading

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Exotic Pets in Fantasy: Raise Your Hand If You Just Imagined a Dragon

Something that comes up from time to time in fantasy is heroes or villains having unique pets.  These can be real animals or monsters, but it really comes down to it being something you don’t normally see.  For example, Lost’s … Continue reading

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The Magical Puppy Store: Wagging Tails and More

Welcome to our grand reopening.  Had a bit of a rough period thanks to some gargantuan fleas, but we’re back in business.  Don’t worry about the big guy over there.  He’s all bark, no bite, and a little licking.  Seeing … Continue reading

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Kero’s World by Victoria Zigler Now in Audiobook

Written by Victoria Zigler – and now with an audio edition read by Giles Miller – the “Kero’s World” stories are all about the adventures of my West Highland White Terrier, Kero, who made that journey across the rainbow bridge … Continue reading

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So You Wanna Use a Pet in Fiction?

Long ago, I remember playing a D&D game where our group had several pets.  There was a bear who ended up being killed by a goblin firing squad.  Two wolves that were killed because the player kept demanding we heal … Continue reading

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What Can You Use Talking Animals For?

Talking animals can have multiple uses depending on your story, genre, and target age. I mentioned a few days ago that some people see the inclusion of talking animals as a sign of immature tales.  This is not always the … Continue reading

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