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It’s Not the Heat, but the Humidity . . . No, It’s Also the Heat

So, we have an Excessive Heat Warning here.  It’s been something we’ve been bracing for since Thursday.  Currently, it’s in 83 degrees, but feels like 91 and it isn’t even 8 AM.  I have a friend’s daughter’s birthday to go … Continue reading

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Teeter Totter Tumble?

Teeter totter Trying not to tumble Holding the plates of life On flimsy sticks That threaten to snap Wind pounding on the stacks And shaking my perch A tight rope gaining ice Suggestions are given To ease my burden Jettisoning … Continue reading

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A Job Has Been Gained and the Balancing Act Gets More Harrowing!

The title really says it all.  I got called back about a full-time Teaching Assistant job, which I go in Monday morning to learn more about.  It will be a one-on-one position that, barring an unexpected hiccup during Monday’s board … Continue reading

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True Self, Professionalism, and Social Media

I’m sure I mentioned it before, but this is the year I try to boost my own professionalism because I want to be taken more seriously.  This has got me thinking about a few things that have kind of steamrolled, … Continue reading

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Another Day at the Office!

“How’s it going, Mark?” “I’m still not talking to you, Steve.” “But you just talked to me.  Are you still mad about last month?” “No.  I’m happy that I listened to you and now I’m a soldier of the damned.” … Continue reading

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