A Job Has Been Gained and the Balancing Act Gets More Harrowing!

The title really says it all.  I got called back about a full-time Teaching Assistant job, which I go in Monday morning to learn more about.  It will be a one-on-one position that, barring an unexpected hiccup during Monday’s board meeting, I will begin on Tuesday.  I won’t be talking much about this because I feel like what I do at this job is more about the students than myself.  All I can say is how I’m feeling, but the details of what I’m doing aren’t for public consumption.

Have to admit that I’m a little scared about this because I don’t know exactly what I’m going to be doing.  Monday will take the edge off and I’m sure I’ll do fine, but that element of the unknown always pokes at me.  Once I’m in the situation, I’ll buckle down and do what I have to do.  Yet, I won’t deny that this is a big step, a great opportunity, and there’s an odd weight on my shoulders.  Unlike an office or author job, I’m helping a kid through a stage in his or her life.  There’s a responsibility to do that best that I can and be the type of role model that I would want for my son.  Am I overthinking this?  Guess I’m just nervous and my more poetic side is kicking in.  Again, I should be fine once I get through the introductions of Monday.

What does this mean for the blog and writing?  Well, it means I will only be active in the early mornings, afternoons, evenings, and weekends.  Not the whole time since I need to spend time with my family and do chores as well.  Writing is going to be taking the biggest hit here.  I’m trying to edit War of Nytefall: Rivalry, which won’t be easy while I learn about what I’m doing.  My schedule means I get home right before my son does, so there isn’t much of a window there.  Editing is the easiest thing to do.  It’s when I want to write a new book that I’ll be having challenges.  My limited time means War of Nytefall will get the brunt of my extra attention, so Ichabod Brooks will be on a hiatus for at least 2019.  I hope I can work on his story in the summer, but that depends on how I do with War of Nytefall: 4th Book throughout the winter and spring.

One nasty hurdle is that I really don’t have anyone to read over my stuff.  It’s a challenge with a series because someone who hasn’t read the previous volumes might try to change stuff that carries over or hints at future stuff.  My writing style (3rd person present tense) causes trouble as well, which has really made it difficult to get beta readers for my long series.  One of the hardest parts is that every scene has a purpose for either the standalone story or the overall series.  I’ve run into a lot of beta readers and editors that follow the ‘murder your babies’ rule that I don’t agree with.  So, I end up getting suggestions to eviscerate what I’ve done.  Technically, I’ve already done this with the plotting, outlining, and doing my own editing run prior to letting others see it.  Yeah, this is kind of a prissy author thing, but it makes things awkward.  For example, way back when, I had somebody try to convince me to remove Sari from Legends of Windemere.  They thought she was pointless and got angry when I said she was essential.  Other people have demanded more Fizzle, removing Luke Callindor, condensing the series into a trilogy, and other suggestions that seem to cross a line with me.  I don’t mind pointing out that something is confusing or doesn’t come across clearly, but not the removal of entire chunks.  This is why I’m a pain to work with.

Well, there’s really nothing else to talk about here.  Hope people have been enjoying Derailing Bedlam on Thursdays.  I’m going to try to relax and rest up for a big life event next week.  What are the goals?

  1. Start new job.
  2. Learn about new job.
  3. Get used to leaving house before son gets on bus.
  4. Find a little editing time.
  5. Enjoy Thanksgiving.
  6. Stay home during Black Friday.
  7. Figure out how to fit biking into the day, but that might take a while.  It sits in the bedroom, so can’t use it while my wife sleeps.

About Charles Yallowitz

Charles E. Yallowitz was born, raised, and educated in New York. Then he spent a few years in Florida, realized his fear of alligators, and moved back to the Empire State. When he isn't working hard on his epic fantasy stories, Charles can be found cooking or going on whatever adventure his son has planned for the day. 'Legends of Windemere' is his first series, but it certainly won't be his last.
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51 Responses to A Job Has Been Gained and the Balancing Act Gets More Harrowing!

  1. Congratulations and good luck with the new job, Charles 👍😃


  2. tidalscribe says:

    Good luck. Just be yourself with your new charge, you’re a full time father so you have plenty of skills. This young person, whatever their situation, presumably needs the undivided attention of a caring adult, they might be a dream to work with or they might be difficult, but all you can do is try your best and you will be giving them a chance to try their best.


  3. Congrats, Charles. I’m sure you’ll be fine once you get there. You’ve got this!


  4. Congratulations on the new job, Charles. Such good news


  5. Jean Lamb says:

    Congratulations on the job. You will learn things on it, though, that will help with your writing. Have you ever gone to http://www.critters.org and offered to trade critiques? There may be some other people on there who do 3rd person present tense as well. Plus, when I critique, I discover things that I need to fix with my stuff, too. For instance, in BEYOND WIZARDWALL, there’s a scene that in first draft I had summarized as in ‘Tam was really glad to have that Horrific Task done, now it’s Miller Time’ –and in critiquing someone else, I realized that I had to put Tam *through* that Horrific Task (writing a letter home to the family of someone who died under his command). Now, I may need to revise the scene itself, but it really needed to be there.


  6. C.E.Robinson says:

    Congratulations, Charles! You’ll do fine on Monday. Trust your teaching talent & communication skills with this job. 📚🎶Christine


  7. First, congratulations! What a great opportunity! Second, I would be happy to help you out with beta reads/edits. Shoot me an email if interested…phoenixinspiring100@gmail.com


  8. Jennie says:

    Congratulations on the job, Charles. The kids will love you! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.


  9. Congratulations! I wish you the very best success!


  10. Congratulations, Charles! I know that’s been a huge unknown for you. The reality will be more fun and more stressful than you think. And do guard your student’s privacy. The pieces will fit together for you. Soon, I hope.


  11. twixie13 says:

    Congrats on the new job, and hoping it goes well! Also, I can’t promise that I’d be quick with getting around to it, but I’m definitely willing to beta stuff, if you need people for that. The only things I ever tend to point out are more proofreading-type stuff, so…yep.


  12. Good luck with the new job – you might find it really rewarding, and it could even provide inspiration for your writing.


  13. All the best on the new position. I’ve been whining about my writing time for a month now, but it eventually comes around. You’ll figure it all out, and you’ll get benefits too.


  14. That’s great news!

    I know it’s going to make finding writing time tougher. But hopefully it will help with some of the other issues you’ve been dealing with, so at least relieve some of the stress and anxiety related issues.


  15. I hope all is going well, Charles.


  16. Adele Marie says:

    Congratulations on the new job, other things will work out. Fingers crossed. 🙂


  17. Sue Vincent says:

    I’m very late to the party, but warmest congratulations on the new role, Charles.


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