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Goal Post: Editing the Days Away

Ritual of the Lost Lamb is doing well with sales, but it is going slower than the previous ones.  The Top 100 lists are rough too.  I’m writing this Friday night, so maybe I’ll have posted about getting on some … Continue reading

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Goal Post: I Swear I’m Falling Literally Falling Apart

Progress has been made on various fronts, including cooking a new dish that didn’t make anyone sick.  Skillet Hash was interesting, but I think it works a bit better as a side dish than a main course.  Mostly because it … Continue reading

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A Week of Hearts, Horror, & Hiccups

I’ll get the big thing out of the way since that got most of the attention last weekend.  Went to the cardiologist and had an EKG, which never goes well.  I have a blip that will always be picked up, … Continue reading

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Goals, Life, & Too Tired or Lazy to Make a Witty Title

Yesterday was a big family day in that I had to go to New Jersey for a birthday party and then it was back to New York for more family time.  Needless to say, I’m exhausted, which seems to work … Continue reading

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From the Vault: The Pandora’s Box Prescription

As I sit here coughing I contemplate this pill A harsh Pandora’s Box Holding hope And an army of horrors I am forced to swallow With a bathtub’s worth of water My shredded throat Whimpering against the pill Until it … Continue reading

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9:45 Explained and Update

A little conversation from last week to explain this (some paraphrasing): Charles-  I have my gastroenterologist appointment next Thursday at 9:45 AM . . . Ionia has her cyberknife follow-up next Thursday.  It’d be so funny if . . . … Continue reading

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Napkin Killer

You dab at your slice Filling your napkin With oily grease As if it’s toxic pus That will burn your tongue And twist your guts You rant about health While your food gets cold And I move to a second … Continue reading

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