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Types of Conflict #Poems Set 2: Vs Nature and Vs Technology

Here’s set 2 of the ‘Conflict’ poems.  Hope people are enjoying these.  They’re not as easy to do as I expected. Person Vs. Nature Hurricanes shredding towns Earthquakes and tidal waves Decimating landscapes Alien worlds That greet earthlings with violent … Continue reading

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Types of Conflict #Poems Set 1: Vs Person and Vs Society

I wanted to talk about the various types of conflict in fiction.  I was ready to go and put my thoughts down for all of these.  Even did some research and came to a conclusion that stomped on my brakes.  … Continue reading

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When Friends Fight in Fiction

So, I’ve been reading a lot of manga and watching a lot of anime over the last year.  I also watched a bunch of a movies and TV shows.  One thing seemed to show up a lot and that was … Continue reading

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Post Revisited: Crushers of Souls and Puppies

Due to being busy with things and heading out for the weekend, I’m going to keep the ‘Post Revisits’ going for today.  This one was originally posted on January 2, 2013. I read a post about the characteristics of heroes … Continue reading

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End of an Era Revisit: Conflict: Fancy Way of Saying Good vs. Evil

This is from back in April 2013.  Not sure what happened to the original picture though. This topic has been sitting on my ‘thought post’ list for a long time.  I believe I had a genius post for it in … Continue reading

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What Do You Look for in a Villain?

Say what you want about Disney, but they always have great villains.  Scar, Jafar, Hades, and Maleficent are only a few and most people can quickly rattle off most of them.  The heroes are remembered easily because their names are … Continue reading

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Dual Nature

Born of pain Raised by fire Now I live A life of opposites Heart of a hero Craving To save all others Soul of a demon Thirsting For the blood of all Hell races through my veins While heaven rules … Continue reading

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