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Questions 3: No Longer Hiding Mental Illness

This post could very well be a failure since it deals with mental illness.  I’m not going to ask for people to expose their own issues.  That would be wrong.  Instead, I’m hoping to get opinions and perspectives on talking … Continue reading

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What Do the Heroes Fear?

Asked this question of my heroes: What are you afraid of? Luke Callindor–  Spiders. Timoran Wrath–  Magic. Nyx– Really, you two?  That’s as deep as you’re going to go? Luke–  Well, what about you? Nyx–  Losing my magic, being deadweight, … Continue reading

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Core of the Champions: Luke Callindor

Back at the beginning, the ‘Champions of Windemere’ were based around the elements.  It still holds true to some extent with many of their abilities being based around this idea.  It is even mentioned that the prophecy is so old … Continue reading

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What Do You Look For In a Hero?

One of the more interesting things about Beginning of a Hero reviews was that a few of them mentioned how Luke Callindor wasn’t heroic.  He was immature, unpolished, reckless, and selfish.  First, this is the beginning of a series, so … Continue reading

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