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Return of the Son of Goal Posts

Been a while since I did a post about goals.  I think because they were staying the same and there have been some rough times.  I reached the point last week where whatever I got done, I got done.  Let … Continue reading

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Goal Post for Last Week of June

First, I’m supposedly rather bendy for a 32-year-old with a shrinking gut.  Apparently, the ability to fold my knees and lay down at the same time is considered flexible.  I was stretching in odd Spider-Man style positions since my back … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday, Green Embers

Happy birthday to the leader of the Rome Construction Crew, Green Embers. If you’re curious what the Rome Construction Crew is about, click on the colorful name.

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Goals of the Week: Written while Watching ‘Mars Attacks!’

I’m back from the wedding of the year, which was a blast.  I’d tell people the details, but it wasn’t my wedding and you really had to be there. With that, I need to figure out what my goals for … Continue reading

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Goal Post: Do I Continue the Losing Battle?

So, the last two weeks have been 4 ‘work’ days and 3 days where my wife goes ‘get your ass off the computer!’.  I’ve realized how important that 5th weekday is to reaching my 2 chapter goal.  I’m coming up … Continue reading

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RCC Goals Up-Date: Bungling or Like a Boss?

As a member of the Rome Construction Crew, I have goals and push toward those goals.  So, this is a monthly update of my victories, failures, and somewhere in the middle.  Not sure where to start, but let’s try it: … Continue reading

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Goals for the Week! Not an Original Title

First, I just realized I made the category ‘Goal Posts’.  That’s a laugh I needed. It’s been a rough day with a family health scare that is still going on.  What the hell, I’ll say it.  My 102-year-old grandmother is … Continue reading

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On This Day I State My Goals & Bitch About Wattpad

It’s that time to state my weekly goals.  Last week didn’t work out too well.  Disease kept me out of exercising a lot because it’s hard to bike with a gasping wheeze.  Sick child and errands dropped me to 2 … Continue reading

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Goals Galore

I believe I was going to start posting my weekly goals on Sunday.  This is going to be a simple week because I’m learning that there’s always a chance that something can go horribly wrong.  Also, I picked some complicated … Continue reading

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Progress Made?

This is a progress update, which I want to get into the habit of doing for my Rome Construction Crew peeps. I didn’t finish the planning stage of ‘Tales of the Slumberlord’ within the 3 weeks that I said I … Continue reading

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