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Poetry Day: Car Logistics

(All I’m going to say about this is that I hate moving cars around with other people.  It’s always a headache where each person has their own idea on what to do.  Not one of my best poems because I … Continue reading

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Right in the Gut

A flash of heat Creating of beads of sweat And a pallor of near death Every bump Combines with every turn Changing lanes Feels like a rollercoaster Memories of food Ripple through the brain The most current meals Driving fear … Continue reading

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7 Tips to Putting Vehicles in Fiction

Make sure the vehicles fit the world.  Riding a horse through a futuristic utopia that has spaceships everywhere might seem cool, but it could be very impractical.  Then again, you might not consider a horse a vehicle since it’s alive. … Continue reading

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Dirty Dan’s Discount Cars & Bikes: All Trades Welcomed

Welcome to Dirty Dan’s where we supply the good, bad, pretty, ugly, and desperate of the Shattered States.  You can’t get very far without a vehicle and I see that you have plenty of canned beans to trade.  Not that … Continue reading

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Teaser Tuesday: Making an Impression in Texas

This is an excerpt from Chasing Bedlam, which hasn’t been edited.  I’m still finishing up the manuscript, but wanted to share part of the adventure.  Feel free to check out Crossing Bedlam by clicking on the cover.  Only 99 cents!

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W.I.P.- A Story with No Name

So it’s kind of like that, but not.  This is going to be rather tough to explain since I only have a handful of notes.  Hoping to organize them today and see if I can make a full story out … Continue reading

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This Is Why I Stay Inside

So I ran out to get my new glasses.  The world is so much brighter now.  Not in the way of intelligence after a few of the psycho drivers I saw.  Here’s the two that made me wish I could … Continue reading

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Drive the REDLINE Dodge Contest (This Isn’t Spam)

I just received an e-mail from my father-in-law about the son of one of his friends.  This man’s son, Brian Stupski, is a talented concept and custom car illustrator.  His work has been featured in many national car magazines.  He … Continue reading

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