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Poetry Day: Casualties of the Morning Drive

(This always annoyed me when I had a long commute.  After a while, my mind would start picking on various story ideas.  I’d still be focusing on the road, of course, but I would think about these things at red … Continue reading

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The Forgotten Fleeting Thoughts

 You appeared at night The final moments before sleep Too late to write you down Yet I am confident That you will see the sun Except that you are gone A sense of loss Tickling at my brain Phantoms of an … Continue reading

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The Post that I Forgot . . . or Shape-Shifters.

I’ve been preparing my posts in advance and trying to go by themes, but that’s not the point here.  Over the weekend, I gathered pictures for all my posts and then got called away before I could write them.  I … Continue reading

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Gyah! Bad Blogger!

I came to my laptop to send myself a pdf copy of my book, so I can start working the 100 free CD’s that I’ll be giving away at a convention at the end of April.  Instead, I find myself … Continue reading

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