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Who Do You Write For?

This is a question that I ask a lot and see many people answering without hesitation.  At least it appears that way.  It’s hard to figure out for myself.  There’s always multiple factors that I think about.  The list can … Continue reading

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Author Life: Confidence is Key

You really need to have confidence in yourself and your writing to get far.  We all have moments of doubt, but you need to retain some level of defiance in the face of bad reviews, stupid mistakes, and whatever else … Continue reading

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Luke Callindor: Luckless, Courageous Hero

Best that I start this blog post series with the first hero of Legends of Windemere.  First, I’d like to point out that I said first hero and not main hero.  This series is really an ensemble cast with the … Continue reading

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Faith and Confidence

First off, this is not me losing faith in my own writing.  I want to get that out there right away before I give people the wrong impression.  Contrary to what some reviews have said, I have faith and confidence … Continue reading

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Followers of Identity

Why do some just follow? Altering their outer shell To become another being A muted copy Of another that they praise   Do they hate their soul? Disgusted by what they are Wasting strength To transform into a butterfly When … Continue reading

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