Immortal Wars: The Summoning Part 6 #fiction #throwback

(Previously on Immortal Wars.)

Disclaimer: Immortal Wars was the book I came up with and wrote in high school.  I hadn’t even hit college by the time I wrote the first two books.  That means I hadn’t developed my style yet, wasn’t good at self-editing, and the story was fairly basic. So, you’ve been warned that this is the ultimate author throwback segment for my blog and will show my author origins.  FYI-  I put the first book (The Summoning) through a Print-on-Demand publisher and the second one (Light, Blood, & Tears) never saw the light of day.  Enjoy!

“I hope they aren’t fighting again,” says Kelly while she peacefully rests her head on Ed’s shoulder. They had stopped walking and decided to sit on a wooden bench, which overlooked a calm lake.  The sun was slowly going down and the sky was filled with the evening’s vibrant pinks and purples.  The lake looked just like a natural mirror that reflected the sun’s romantic departure behind the horizon.  This place was their favorite place to be at this particular time of day.

“Probably not.  They don’t fight with each other that much.  Delila usually saves her energy in order to argue with one of us,” replies Ed.

“Don’t remind me.  She just makes me want to tear her loud and empty head off her scrawny neck.  And that’s when I’m not pissed off at her.”

“That’s just the way she is, Kelly.  The only one that can change Delila’s personality is Delila.  We just have to wait for her attitude to change.”

“I’ll wait.  But I don’t have to like her before that happens.  Or after it happens.”

“Fine.  Now, can you please think of something else?  There has to be something else that you want to talk about.  You’re starting to get obsessive about Delila’s personality.”

“Do you know what day it is today, Eddie?  It’s an important day for the two of us.  Do you remember?”  She gives him a cunning grin before she lies down on the bench.

Ed’s face suddenly turns a little pale when Kelly asks him the question he has never liked to hear from anybody.  Especially from his girlfriend.  His nervous mind races to think of the answer and a way to get out of trouble.

“Her birthday.  No.  That’s in April.  Valentines Day.  Nope.  This is March.  Damn it, I don’t remember,” he thinks as thin beads of sweat start to form on his brow.

“Well, Ed.  What is so special about today?”  A small amount of disappointment is in her voice, but her eyes give no sign of what is going on in her head.

“Well.  It’s . . . ”

“I don’t have all year.  Just say something or admit that you don’t know what today is.  I promise that I won’t be angry if you don’t remember.  I’ll simply remove certain parts of your anatomy that most men don’t want to part with.”

“It’s been one year since we’ve been going out with each other.”

“You do remember.  What did you get me?  Wait a second.  I want to give you the present that I got for you first.”

Kelly takes out a simple, golden ring with a red jewel on it.  The jewel has a small, but very clear, picture of Kelly’s smiling face in it.  She slips it onto Ed’s finger and stares at him expectantly.

“Now, where is my present?” Kelly asks.

“Your present?  It’s right hear in my jacket somewhere.  Give me a minute to find it in all these pockets,” says Ed.

“You only have two pockets on that thing.”

Ed shoves his hand into his jacket pocket and finds a small, velvet box that he doesn’t remember ever having before.  He takes it out and silently hands it to Kelly.  When she opens the box, her mouth gapes at what she sees inside.  The first thought that goes through Ed’s mind is that he should start apologizing as fast as he can.

“I’m sorry that it isn’t as nice as your present.  But I honestly didn’t know what you would really want.  And you know that I couldn’t afford that bracelet that you really wanted, so I’m sorry if it isn’t that good,” Ed says.

“Nice joke.  I can’t believe you got me this bracelet.  How could possibly afford it on minimum wage at the ice cream store?  Is this the one with the real gems on it?” gasps Kelly as she pulls out a thin gold bracelet.  There are several colorful jewels going around the slender piece of jewelry.  As Kelly puts it on her wrist, she gives Ed a long, intense kiss on the lips.

“I must be the luckiest person in the world,” whispers Ed as the kiss finishes.

“Of course you are.  You have me.  Let’s go show these little presents to Steve and Delila.  I would just love to see that annoying brat’s face when she sees all the beautiful gems on this thing!” exclaims the emerald-eyed girl while admiring the bracelet that is twinkling in the dimming sunlight.

“Nothing like bragging about presents to people that you don’t like.  Maybe Steve is still there, so I can talk with him.  We should start walking right now if we want to make it there before it gets very dark.  Where did you get this ring?” says Ed.

“My mom picked it up for me somewhere.  It was originally a birthday gift for my dad, but his finger was too fat for it.  Mom didn’t bother telling me the name of the store she bought the ring at.  How did you afford the bracelet?”

“That is one of my little secrets.”

“Did you steal it?”

“I love you too.”

“I know.  Race you to the mansion.”  Kelly sprints off before Ed can say anything else and he quickly runs to catch up to her.  Neither of them look up to see a small flash of light come from the grounds of the Mandervale house.

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To Scare a Monster

Monster Inc.

(Okay.  Not the best picture for a postthat involves War of Nytefall: Eradication.  A part of the story is Clyde showing fear or at least getting nervous because of a new weapon that is being used.  So, I thought I’d make a fun poem.)

Top of the food chain
Destroying with ease
And never feeling fear
The life of a monster
At the top of his game
Can lead one into hubris
It only takes one shot
Removing those he made
Destroying kin
With the ability of a ghost
Lurking in his shadow
That is tainted with blood
The alpha predator
Has become the anxious prey
On the trail of a beast
That is on the hunt
Fear has gripped the monster
And he does not like it

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Smorgasbord Guest Post – Editor Sarah Calfee – The Romance Plot Sequence

Smorgasbord Blog Magazine

For all budding Romance Writers out there, and for those of us who might like to dive into the complexities of personal relationships…editor Sarah Calfee shares a step by step guide to getting the romance plot sizzling.

The Romance Plot by Sarah Calfee

Guess what most romance authors do on Valentine’s Day—they duck and run for cover. This is the time of year the media pounces on them as “love experts” and asks tongue-in-cheek questions which are usually thinly veiled insults to the romance genre as a whole.

I have a whole lot of opinions about why romance is awesome, and how it is (and has always been) progressive and ahead of the learning curve socially. But for today, and as a romance editor, I’d like to discuss the romance plot and how, contrary to popular belief, it is actually extremely difficult to write.

The main reason the romance plot…

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Presentations, Book Signings, Book Clubs

Story Empire

Hi, SE readers! It’s Mae Day on Story Empire, and I’m delighted you dropped in for a visit. Whether you’ve written a book/books or are in the process of writing one,there will likely be a point when you want to take part in a presentation, book signing, or book club. Let’s take a quick look at all three.

Two black portfolios with business card slots in the front. Business cards for author Mae Clair in slotsSomeone has invited you to speak about your book or a topic related to your book. Presentations require the most preparation, because—let’s face it—it’s all about you speaking to an audience. Your presentation might be short (ten to fifteen minutes) or much longer, depending on your material.

Did you know many local organizations often search for guest speakers? Your topic doesn’t necessarily have to tie into the basis of the organization. As an example, I’ve given presentations on the Mothman to both a historical society and a women’s group. Check around…

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Teaser Tuesday: Did Lost Miscount? #fantasy #vampires


I toyed with the idea of leaving this alone because it could be a spoiler for War of Nytefall: Eradication.  Then I realized it happens in chapter 1 and is shown so much in the ensuing adventure that people would figure it out at some point.  It really isn’t the situation being revealed, but how certain characters deal with it.  What do you think Lost stumbled into?  Maybe I’ll show part of the next scene next week since I connected the previous two Teaser Tuesdays.

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Tattoos & Portents

Entertaining Stories

Hey, everyone, we have a visitor today. Judi Lynn is here to tell us all about her new book, Tattoos & Portents.

Judi is an author friend of mine, and we would both appreciate you checking out her wares, maybe visiting her blog, and using a selection of those sharing buttons. Such activity really helps an author make a splash with a new release.

Here’s Judi to tell us all about it:

Hi, Craig! And thank you for sharing your blog with me today. I’ve come to promote my new book, TATTOOS & PORTENTS. It’s a supernatural mystery. I love mysteries and urban fantasy, so tried to combine the two genres for the Muddy River series.

You’d think writing about witches, shifters, and demons, I wouldn’t do any research, but I ended up doing more than I expected. For one thing, I wanted more than the usual supernaturals to settle…

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The Lukewarm War Between Clyde and Xavier Tempest


War of Nytefall: Eradication has an enemy stepping into the battle between Clyde and Xavier Tempest’s forces.  This is similar to Jewelz in Rivalry and kind of like Lost in Lost.  I’ve noticed that this happens a lot and it has brought the hatred between Clyde and Xavier into question.  When the upcoming volume starts, they are coming to the end of a 3 year truce, which has been upheld.  For two who began the war with such burning hatred, it really does come off as odd.  That is unless you look more into their personalities.

You really can’t see this more than in War of Nytefall: Rivalry.  Clyde and Xavier are captured by Jewelz who is holding a contest to choose her king.  Normally, these bitter enemies would pounce on each other at the first opportunity.  Yet, I could never get that to ring entirely true.  They threw verbal barbs at each other and took some enjoyment when one was suffering, but they made an alliance without any hesitation.  No matter how many times I edited the book, I couldn’t change that.  I had to sit down and consider why they work together like this when they’re involved in a heated, albeit slow, war between the vampire species.  This is what I came up with:

  1. Clyde and Xavier are fully aware that the day they fight to the death will be when at least one of them is destroyed.  There will not be a round 2.  Because of this, both men want to make sure they are in the best position and their kingdoms are ready for either victory or vengeance.  There’s also pride because Jewelz pitted them against each other, so it would be a final battle that was not on their terms.  Neither man would be willing to do that.
  2. Clyde is more likely to go violent on Xavier, but he’s not an idiot.  He knows when they have a mutual enemy and how his rival can help him.  This means he reduces the amount of resources that he uses and reduces the risk to his own people.  It’s practical and it gives him an opportunity to get an idea of Xavier’s abilities.  Since the Lord of Nyte doesn’t step on the battlefield, these truces are the only chances Clyde gets to gauge the man.
  3. Xavier isn’t much different when it comes to the truces.  The resources and risk to his own people factor in, but it’s probably more so for him.  He knows what Clyde is capable of, so that isn’t a factor.  The thing with Xavier is that as much as he despises Clyde, he respects the man’s abilities.  He would rather have the monster on his side than against him.  One could say that he uses him as a violent shield in these situations and you wouldn’t be far off.

Going back to the respect thing, I think this runs true for both of them.  Xavier has called Clyde an abomination and monster, but that doesn’t mean he thinks his enemy is either weak or useless.  His betrayal was born out of fear and paranoia that his goal of ruling the vampire world would be undone.  That fear came from him knowing how dangerous and effective Clyde is, which is why he’ll work with him if need be.  On the other side of the coin, Clyde hates Xavier and wants him dead, but knows that he’s dealing with a cunning master of manipulation.  He never thought Xavier was stupid beyond trying to betray him and will team up if he needs a sharp mind on his side.  Keep in mind that this doesn’t mean they will trust each other.

Overall, I’m not sure what these truces and alliances mean for the whole series.  There will come a point where they have their final battle and the vampire world goes either to the Dawn Fangs or the old worlds.  I may have to do something that ignites the hatred and brings it to a new level.  All I do know is that they can’t be friends and live on the same planet without conflict.

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