St. Patrick’s Day $.99 SALE Get Your Kindle Copy of The Heart Stone Chronicles: The Swamp Fairy

I’m not Irish, but I do have an Irish first name! I love to celebrate the holiday and I can’t think of a better way to revel in the green than by offering a special KINDLE price of $.99 for The Heart Stone Chronicles: The Swamp Fairy from March 15, 16, and 17, 2018. 

St. Patrick's Day Sale

That’s Right! Enjoy the luck of the Irish and get your copy today…


What will you find between the pages of this book?

The Collective rules –
in the fairy nymph ethos,
dictates altruism,
toward the care of the earth
predetermined by the gods.

©2018 Colleen M. Chesebro


In my novel, the Collective is comprised of seven fairy nymph clans who are differentiated by the color of their eyes which mimics the colors of a rainbow. I took some liberties with the Greek myths, to say the least.

I used the symbolism of a rainbow to represent the…

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Behind Every Smile (Stop Child Abuse)

The Lonely Author


Behind Every Smile


There’s an untold story

behind every smile.

Such is life when you reside

in an abusement park.

He experienced a world of horror

where banners are always

black and blue.

A world of stolen laughter

where happy days were

far and few.

A never ending ride

where childhood was lost

like a treasured toy

never to be found.

Everything is lost riding

this sadistic merry go round.

He was a victim,

bullied and beaten,

until only one thing remained

inside his fragile fractured shell.



Child abuse. Silence is never the answer.

Image: Self

National Child Abuse Hotlines

U.S. and Canada…….1 (800) 4-A-Child or 1 (800) 422-4453
Great Britain…….Call 999 if the child is at immediate risk, or call the police on 101 if you think a crime has been committed.

ChildLine (for children and young people)
Telephone: 0800 1111 (free)
India ,,,,,,,,,,

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The Monstrous Hero

Spike and Angel

This might be a rehash of Monday, but I’m still wondering about having a monster as a protagonist.  I’m going to be more positive about this though because there are unique approaches to such an antihero.  In fact, there are storylines that you can do with a monster hero that you can’t do with a more human one.

Question of Humanity

When your protagonist is a creature like a demon or vampire then you have to find a balance between their monster and human side.  Some might not have the latter exactly, but I mean the side that makes them be a hero instead of a villain.  For example, a demon might not have a true human side.  In it’s place would be a world view that drives this creature to do good.  There has to be a catalyst for this kind of deviation from the normal archetype, which needs to be established early on or prior to the story.  After all, monsters are considered monsters for a reason.  Honestly, this can be as simple as a misunderstanding by humanity.

Now, this subplot requires that there be inner turmoil.  The decision to be a hero has to come into question in some fashion.  Maybe they fight and start to wonder why if humanity shuns them.  Others might have a natural instinct to eat humans, which they are constantly trying to hold back.  An enemy might repeatedly tempt them to step back into the darkness by committing a crime.  The trick is to maintain a sense that a monster protagonist can cross a line from antihero to villain.  I’m not saying this is the end of their story, but it makes it pretty hard for them to remain with humans.  So, you can see that there is a greater risk of falling than you would get with a human antihero.

In a way, this comes off as a Nature vs Nurture subplot.  A monster is destructive and deadly by nature, but one acting as a hero is being nurtured to act good.  It makes for a fun and interesting dynamic that can be played from various philosophical angles.  After all, can a creature of evil or darkness find a way to be an agent of good or light?

The Evil of Humanity

This is a weird one and could be seen as the opposite of the last idea.  Yet, it’s fairly simple if you think about it.  With a monster doing good, you and readers can compare how the humans are acting around it.  What do you think when the villains are human and the hero is a monster?  Sometimes the most disturbing act is committed by people, who don’t consider that they can be evil.  Possibly even worse than the monster because they aren’t seen as having the destructive instincts.  Maybe the monster points this out and asks others why they are trying to hard when those considered ‘normal’ are giving in to their darker instincts.  Here is where it connects back to the previous idea.

Being an Outcast

We see this a lot with humans, but it works out differently for monsters.  Using a vampire for an example (I’m tired of writing monster all the time), these creatures feed off people and make for great villains.  Yet, there is a history of solitary vampires turning on their own to protect humans.  They are shunned by their own kind, but not really accepted by those they are fighting for.  You have a handful of understanding humans while the vampire has to hide from others.  It’s a lonely existence and can bring up a lot of survival questions.  How do they get food?  What will they do if they win and no longer have to fight any more?  Again, this is predominantly internal.

This becomes an issue when there are other heroes around too.  Those who hunt vampires or werewolves could be enemies of a monstrous protagonist.  So, they’re not only an outcast to general society, but hero society too.  Unlike others, these monsters can’t go for help without risking their own life.  Even if they prove themselves, they will always be under suspicion to some extent.  One slip, even a fake one, means they go back to being shunned and possibly hunted.

I’m sure I’m missing a few subplots for monstrous heroes.  Can you think of any that work for these types?

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Backing Up Social Media

A very useful tutorial.

Story Empire

Hello SErs! Harmony here. Happy Wednesday 🙂

After my debacle with Facebook last month (see my post HERE), I thought it might be helpful to write something on the importance of backing-up your social media accounts.

Honestly, even though I back-up my website/blog regularly, I never even gave a single thought to Twitter or Facebook.

Below, I show you how to make an archive of Twitter …

First, open the ‘Settings and Privacy’ option on the dropdown menu when you click on your profile image …

This will bring you to the following page …

Click on ‘Request Your Archive’.

You will receive the following message from Twitter …

In a short time, you should receive an email that contains a zip file with your entire Twitter account backed up.  You will need to extract the zip file and open it.

You will see a few folders and buttons…

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Cover reveal for The Gemini Connection

Entertaining Stories

Teri Polen is a big supporter of mine. I recently finished her debut novel, Sarah, and gave it five stars. She’s here today to share a cover and blurb from her newest project.


The Gemini Connection
by Teri Polen
Paperback Release Date: May 31, 2018
E-book Release Date: June 7, 2018
Young Adult > Sci-Fi/Fantasy > Thriller

Teen twin brothers Evan and Simon Resnik are fiercely loyal to each other and share an unusual bond—they experience each other’s emotions as their own and can sense where the other is.

On their dying planet of Tage, scientists work tirelessly on its survival. Like the twins’ parents, Simon is a science prodigy, recruited at a young age to work with the brilliant creator of Scientific Innovations. To the bitter disappointment of their parents, Evan shows no aptitude or interest in science. As a Mindbender, he travels into the minds of scientists…

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Here Be Dragons Bundle – #Fantasy

Library of Erana

Here Be Dragons – Myth, Monsters and Mayhem

Vol III 

They stalk our myths and hunt our past—dragons—humankind’s greatest and oldest foe. Good, bad, legendary and deadly. Dare you enter the dragon’s lair?

Tales of dragons, their friends and their foes.

Available for pre-order now! Released 31st March 2018

Dragons boxset.png

Available on

Here Be Dragons on Bundle Rabbit


Amazon. com

Amazon UK

Barnes and Noble

I tunes

Featuring 13 fabulous dragon-themed stories.

The Crown and the Dragon – John D. Payne

Dragon Writers – Lisa Mangum

Of Blood and Scales – A. L. Butcher

Devouring Light – J.M. Ney-Grimm

Ascension of the Whyte – Karen Wrighton

Of Dragons and Centaurs – Deb Logan

Night of the Clockwork Dragon – Louisa Swann

The Legend of G and the Dragonettes – Russ Crossley

The Dreamweaver’s Journey – Diana L. Wicker

Graybill – Rita Schulz

Star-drake – J.M, Ney-Grimm

Like at Loch Ness –…

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Teaser Tuesday: Do You Mind?

This is another excerpt from War of Nytefall: Loyalty.  It’s one that I’m rather amused by even now because it sets an interesting tone.  A rough slapstick comedy that shows up from time to time since the characters take advantage of being able to regenerate and having immortality.  This isn’t much of a spoiler since I’ve explained what Dawn Fangs are capable of before.  Still, the cut is there just in case.

Title Card by Alison Hunt

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