Questions 3: Your Blogging Journey

I tried to do another Ye Olde Shoppe skit, but it wasn’t working.  Fearing that the well has gone dry on those topics.  At least for a while since you need something you can give a lot of options for.  I found that blogging didn’t have the same impact as fantasy steeds, unique pets, houses, or whatever else I’ve done.  I did begin thinking about how we can share advice and experience for blogging.  I’ve given my thoughts so far, but I want to open up the floor.  The questions will hopefully focus the answers because we all know that we can run wild with this topic.

  1. What advice would you give your younger self right before they began blogging?
  2. What is something that you couldn’t get to work on your blog?
  3. How much has your blog changed from its initial conception?
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Derailing Bedlam: Murder Gods Part 3 #fiction #adventure

As usual, here is your warning that this story has cursing, sex (not graphic), innuendo, and violence.  It’s my Rated-R action adventure called Derailing Bedlam.  This is the fourth outing (third official) for Cassidy and Lloyd, so feel free to click on one of the two covers to see how it started.  Each one is 99 cents!

Cover by Jon Hunsinger

Cover Art by Jon Hunsinger











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Thursday – A Little Personal – Serang – A New Book by C.S. Boyack

Fiction Favorites

“I see we have Lisa Burton in the house.”
“Yes, kids. So you have the day off.”

Craig and Lisa Craig’s Bust and Lisa

I am very pleased to again welcome Lisa Burton who as you know is C.S.Boyack’s Personal Assistant. She is also the host of Lisa Burton Radio on most Thursdays. Here is a link to the last show. Lisa is here to talk about C.S. Boyack’s latest book

So, Welcome to Fiction Favorites, Lisa.

Hi, John. Always a pleasure to visit you during these book tours. Craig has a new book out, and this one ties into the Lanternfish trilogy. But it isn’t part of the trilogy, if that makes sense.

Let me try again. Serang was a popular character in Voyage of the Lanternfish. Her origin is pretty amazing, and Craig decided to turn that into a book. It supports the Lanternfish trilogy, but isn’t part of the…

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7 Tips to Blogging: You Would Think I’d Have a Category for These Things By Now

I’m not going to talk about how to make money off your blog.  If I knew how to do that then I wouldn’t be where I am now.  This is all about how to enjoy and stretch your blog to the point of mild success.  Okay, tiny success . . . I make no promises.  With that being said:

  1. What works for one blogger, might not work for you.  This doesn’t mean to avoid things, but don’t get upset if you copy someone and it fails.  Maybe people notice you copied and compared it unfavorably to the original.  Perhaps you missed a few key points in the delivery or it doesn’t match up with your theme and style.  Never be afraid to put such post types down and only go back if you think you figured out the problem.  Although, you might want to return only a few times if it keeps failing.  Don’t want to be seen as a glutton for disaster.
  2. Open the door to as much as your life as you feel comfortable.  I’ve been told by many to throw everything into the light, but that doesn’t work out very well.  You can end up pulling in friends and family members who would prefer not to be hinted at on your blog.  That leads to drama, which you’ll put on your blog, make things worse, and continue the cycle because you get a ton of hits.  Seriously, think before you share because there are consequences.
  3. If you’re running out of topic ideas then try to get some public input.  This helps with interactions and makes you more relatable.  It will reveal some topics that you might have overlooked as well.  This can also show you how many people are paying attention as you get a request for something you’ve written about 5 times over the last year.  Some people might be new and missed them.  Others might have forgotten.  Either way, you need to decide on politely skipping or finding another avenue to touch on it for a 6th time.
  4. Be careful changing the physical theme of your blog.  The wallpaper and header is one thing.  Those are designed to change around at times.  When you swap out an entire theme, you might find that some of the toys you liked about the previous one are no longer available.  Gets worse if you learn that you can’t go back because they took that other theme away.  Not all themes are created equal and you can knock yourself back to square one in terms of design if you’re not careful.
  5. Use your blog as a hub for other social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and whatever else is there.  This keeps you active on all of them . . . Except Facebook, which no longer allows WordPress posts to show up for some people.  At least you might get a few curious guests with the others.  That is unless the LinkedIn connection is lost for the 10th time this month.  Does anybody use Tumblr any more?  It’s the thought that counts here.
  6. Do not think that every comment in the spam folder is spam.  Yes, the porn, medication, sneakers, porn, gibberish, porn, badly written offers, porn, porn, and porn are obvious problems.  Yet, you might have a new face hidden in there.  Older ones can be randomly shunted there too because only Cthulhu knows the requirements for banishment.  Just be careful and accept that technology can be a pain.
  7. Go to other blogs and comment.  This is really important at the beginning when you have no followers.  You can learn more about the platform such as picture usage, tags, categories, and whatever else the veterans are willing to share.  Eventually, you will find yourself in their shoes, so you better be ready to give sage advice.  That or shrug and admit that you have no idea what you’re doing.
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How to Back-up your Manuscript Easily and for Free

Story Empire

Hello SErs. Harmony here. It always saddens me beyond measure when I read that a fellow author has lost all their hard work due to a computer failure, lost laptop, or any number of other reasons. While I have an Airport Capsule attached to my Apple Mac, I also ensure that I back-up my work another way too. Just in case. After all, the Capsule is hardware that will one day fail.

So, how do I give myself an easy and free back-up of my manuscript?

I email a copy to myself. Any basic Word file isn’t going to take up that much room on your server and will send quickly. If, like me, you use Scrivener, you will find that far too bulky a file to try and email. My work-around is to compile to a Word doc and then email that to myself. I let the email sit…

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Dirty Dozen Author Interview – L L Thomsen #Meetanauthor #Fantasy

Library of Erana

Author name: L. L. Thomsen

*Please tell us about your publications.

I write character-led high medieval fantasy with a good slash of epic. I am working on a series titled, The Missing Shield – originally one large book that has been split into 11 episodes in order to make the workload more manageable. The 8th book (titled: All in a Day’s Work) is out now, and I am currently working on book 9. What you get in my books is lots of flawed characters that you may not feel quite sure about in the beginning. There’s magic, mystery, darkness, crime, plots, romance, backstabbing, manoeuvring, different races, and an end-of-the-world kinda deadline & quest.  I enjoy painting an immersive picture of the world I write about, so expect lots of depth and world-building. I try not to hold back and I try to write as close to real life as…

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Revisiting Legends: Sari the Soul Scarred Gypsy #fantasy #adventure

Cover Art by Jason Pedersen

Sari entered Legends of Windemere with a vicious impact.  She comes from a nomadic people who are called gypsies.  This is the fantasy version where they are almost thief-like, but I never got far into the culture.  Mostly because Sari clan was attacked and slaughtered in the Prologue of her debut book.  She escaped only to be captured, handed over to a vampire, and put through a nightmarish life until Luke and Nyx stumbled onto her during their own adventure.  This is where things changed from the paper version.

I should point out something from the beginning.  Like the other champions, Sari was in the Dungeons & Dragons game.  She started up a relationship with Luke Callindor and  then . . . the player left college after most of a semester.  This left Sari in limbo, which was a challenge because she’d already been revealed as essential to the prophecy.  She spent the rest of her time either captured, comatose, or quietly following the group.  Due to being barely there in the game, I only had that first adventure to work with when it came to the books.  Honestly, I don’t even remember if the clan slaughtering was part of the game or something I added. Unfortunately, this didn’t really work in Sari’s favor and I kind of regret that.

Being a champion fueled by love, Sari spends a lot of her time being involved in the groups’ relationships.  She’s either struggling with being the third member of the Luke and Kira open relationship or meddling in Nyx’s love life.  This leads to more heartbreak and pain for her, but she never really dulls in power.  Sari always manages to find a new source of love to gain energy from even though she doesn’t notice this power.  It took me until near the end of the series to figure out why, but I don’t think it ever came across because she never learned this herself.  Another downside to Sari is that she is so focused on the outside world that she doesn’t really look at her internal world unless plagued by visions and spirits.

The thing I realized about Sari is that she never healed from her first trauma.  Similar to Nyx, her childhood friend, she is creating a family, but there is still a distance.  She fears losing loved ones again, so she ignores how deep her feelings run.  This doesn’t always come about because she’s a very loving and playful character, but you can see that she doesn’t spend a lot of time on herself.  I tried several times to give her more, but nothing stuck.  Sari routinely found a way to slip out of the deep relationships and became more of a cheerleader for the others.  Part of this might be caused by the addition of Kira Grasdon, which gave Sari competition for her original, uncontested relationship with Luke Callindor.  It was a shocker when I found that Sari wasn’t the better match and I tried to force it a few times with disastrous results.

I would actually say that Chastity Sullivan from War of Nytefall is closer to what Sari was originally going to be.  Seductive, playful, charming, powerful, and having no shame to counter the more uptight characters.  It never happened because I could never convince her to shed the emotional scars of losing everything.  Even if she ended up with Luke Callindor, I couldn’t see her being entirely happy because she’d wake up every day thinking it was the one where he would die.  Sari hated being alone and needed someone with her when she slept, but she could never let herself get so close that the loneliness would go away entirely.  I’m torn between thinking of her as a lost opportunity or accepting that some characters, much like people, can’t be put back to 100%.

A fun aside for Sari is that she still had a better post-prophecy plan than Nyx.  It ran contrary to Luke Callindor who wanted to settle down, which was another nail in their relationship’s coffin.  Sari wanted to build a magical cart that contained every candy in the world.  She would travel around to villages and throw parties where she would give the candy away.  It really worked for her and I did give her something similar to that, but it had to be changed to accommodate her situation.

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