Teaser Tuesday: Before They Were Friends #fantasy #adventure

Enjoy the first meeting between Luke Callindor and Nyx from Legends of Windemere: Prodigy of Rainbow Tower!

Cover Art by Jason Pedersen

“We’re already here. I’m just going to knock,” Luke says, easily freeing his arm.

“You don’t knock on a caster tower,” Fritz hisses in a hushed voice. “That’s like shooting spitballs at a werewolf. The results tend to be fatal.”

“Calm down. It’s a simple knock,” Luke whispers with a friendly smile.

Fritz cringes as Luke lifts his fist to deliver the ominous knock. It never connects as Luke suddenly grabs Fritz by the shirt and leaps away from the tower. The gnome can feel a surge of intense heat narrowly miss them. Luke lands in a crouch putting himself between Fritz and the tower. A patch of fire is still smoldering where they were standing and a small trail of flickering flame continues for a few yards.

“What kind of idiot tries to break into a caster tower while the masters are home?” asks a loud female voice from the direction of the tower. They turn to see the half-elven girl has returned and spurts of flame are dancing along her fingers. Being closer to the girl, Luke notices that her skin appears to have been marked by constant exposure to fire. It is a fire-licked tan that looks out of place on the half-elf.

“You said she wasn’t an apprentice,” Luke says through the side of his mouth.

“She must not be traditional,” Fritz replies, putting a little distance between himself and Luke. “I’ve never seen an apprentice of Rainbow Tower dressed like that in public”

A sword of fire grows around the girl’s left hand. “Stop your banter! It is my job to protect my home and my masters. Do either of you have anything to say before I kill you?”

“I think you’re being overly dramatic. We are invited guests. If will you let me explain, we-” starts Luke. A slash of fire passes between him and Fritz before it explodes against a sapling. The young tree crumbles to ash in seconds.

“Bullshit!” the girl screams.

“I sense her etiquette lessons never stuck,” Fritz whispers, watching the smoke float off the tree ashes. He turns toward the girl and flashes a charming smile. “You got detention a lot for violent and hot-tempered behavior, right?”

“Shut up!” the girl angrily yells. “Do either of you have anything to say that won’t make me hurt you? I can stand here with a prepared spell all night.”

Fritz clears his throat to say, “Uh . . . nice legs?”

The caster roars in anger as she sends a wave of fire along the ground. It fades away as Luke scoops Fritz up and sprints out of the spell’s range. The girl chases them across the garden, but she is quickly left behind by the faster warrior. Luke wastes no time in hurling Fritz over the wall where the gnome is safe and no longer a concern. The girl catches up to them in time to hear a crash followed by some muttered gnomish that she assumes to be curses.

“It was my idea to jump the wall and approach the tower. Your problem is with me alone,” Luke states, turning to bravely face the angry caster. “Now, are you going to listen or are we going to fight until I beat you?”

“I choose fight,” she growls. She launches a flurry of fire lances out of her hands, the heated projectiles leaving a trail of haze behind them.

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Check This Out: Honey, the Dog Who Saved Abe Lincoln

El Space--The Blog of L. Marie

With me on the blog today is the fabulous Shari Swanson (another great Secret Gardener classmate; for others, click here and here), who is here to talk about her picture book, Honey, the Dog Who Saved Abe Lincoln, which was published by Katherine Tegen Books/HarperCollins and debuts today, people! Woot!


Shari is represented by John Rudolph. After Shari and I chat, I’ll fill you in on a giveaway of this very book. Now, let’s talk to Shari!

El Space: Four quick facts about yourself?
Shari: My favorite color is periwinkle. Actually, periwinkle is a favorite word, too. Perhaps I’ll write a book about Mr. Perry Winkle and his Phantasmagoric Adventures Through Color. (Dibs. 😀)

• I love games, all sorts—puzzles, mysteries, board games, sports, hiding pictures, and treasure hunting.
• I have a beloved dog named Honey, not, surprisingly, named after Abraham Lincoln’s dog.

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7 Tips to Putting Robots in Fantasy: Put Down the Pitchforks!

This can be a little controversial at times because many people don’t want robots to be anywhere near fantasy.  A big difference between science fiction and fantasy is that one has high tech and the other has magic.  Not exclusively, but that’s how people look at it and robots are seen as a sign of high advancement.  This breaks the medieval sense of a fantasy world, which some people think is necessary.  My point here is that you’re going to get some complaints if you add a genuine robot, so here are some tips.  They won’t protect you entirely, but maybe they’ll help.

  1. Screw the criticism and put the robot in the story.  If it’s part of your world and makes sense then it belongs there.  People who say otherwise are wrong because it’s your world to work with.
  2. Put thought into how the robot was created.  Are they a lost technology that shows the world was hi-tech before a cataclysm?  Maybe someone built it for a purpose that involves going against magic.  The more depth that you put into the robot and its origins, the better it will appear to the audience.  This way, it isn’t shoehorned in to simply have a robot, which has been known to happen.
  3. If you’re so worried about criticism then go the Magi-Tech route.  Having modern technology fueled by magic is an established trend in fantasy, so you won’t be original.  Yet, you won’t be called out for mixing genres.  There still might be some complainers who don’t like the concept in general, but this does the same as #2 and establishes that the robot belongs in the world.
  4. You don’t have to use the term robot.  Call it something else and see what happens.  It may be obvious that you added one, but you can create a cushion of denial.  Say it’s a super weapon or an ancient race that is only similar to robots.  As long as nobody sees any wires, circuit boards, or the 5 year warranty, it’ll be all good.  By the way, only the first 2 years of that warranty are from the manufacturer and you know it’ll turn on humanity right after the time is up.
  5. Using golem creation and lore, you can establish a magical, non-technology version of robots.  This can be seen as a faux robot since it is typically described as a machine that imitates human actions thanks to programming.  Still, a golem is an artificial construct that is magically commanded to perform actions that are typically done by humans.  It is only a difference in origin here.
  6. If you really need a genuine and true robot then you can have one appear from outside of the world.  One possibility is that it comes from outer space, which is easier to fit in than many would believe.  If we have aliens visiting Earth then why wouldn’t they turn up on any world that’s part of a universe.  Could be easier to explain than time travel, which is always messy even when it’s only to introduce a robot.
  7. Have one area of your magical world that has gone the high tech route.  Maybe they are unable to use magic, so this is how they level the playing field.  Perhaps they are the remnants of an older civilization like the one mentioned in #2.  This means they are now a natural part of the world and you have a bigger tech presence.  In here, those who use magic are the minority while the robot would be that when it is outside of its homeland.
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War of Nytefall: Eradication Blurb Test

Normally, I do three blurbs for three different sites.  Right now, I’m only doing one for Amazon because money is limited.  That and I saw nothing come from doing the three blurbs last time.  Maybe I’ll do them down the road, but I’m doing the basic stuff for now.

Here’s the blurb:

As Dawn Fangs are found dead across Windemere, the vampiric ruler of Nytefall will remember what it is to be afraid.

With the truce between Nyte and Nytefall nearing its end, an old enemy has emerged to rekindle the vampires’ most ancient feud. A Duragian priest is on the move and he is wielding a weapon with the power to depower and kill Dawn Fangs. This follower the Sun God has claimed enough victims that Lord Tempest wants the weapon for himself and Clyde is beginning to worry that his fledgling kingdom is in danger of extinction. When it becomes clear that the mysterious relic and Clyde’s transformation into the first Dawn Fang are connected, he will be forced to face a past that he can barely remember.

Will Clyde defend his people, his life, and the child he does not know is on the way from the terrifying Fist of Durag?

(What do you think?  Also, feel free to volunteer for the blog tour if you haven’t already.)

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Goal Post: The Week of the Big Return and Many Yawns

(This is a strange addition at the final hour.  I’ve had 90 reviews for Beginning of a Hero for a long time. I’ve lost a bunch for undisclosed reasons over the last nearly 7 years.  All of a sudden, I see it’s up to a count of 105 reviews, but no new ones.  I have no idea if old ones were restored or there’s a glitch that will be fixed and put me back to 90 soon.  Really weird.)

Don’t think I have any writing news because I couldn’t get a lick of time to do more than glance longingly at my outline.  Did 4 notebook entries for ‘So, You Want to Write a Fantasy Story?’ when I had free and lunch periods, but those required Herculean levels of energy.  I fully expect to be a zombie over the weekend, which is why I’m writing this post on Thursday night.  Maybe I’ll get a chapter section done on Friday night and fit two more in today, but I’m not holding my breath.  Next weekend is looking better since it’s a 3 day and my son is with his mom.  This weekend, we party . . . Or not.

Now, let me say that this was a busy week because I went back to work after a two week break.  That meant getting up at 5:30 AM again, which was made even worse by the freezing temperatures.  Leaving a warm bed for anything short of the apocalypse, various bodily functions, or being late for work wasn’t really happening.  Having a weighted blanket that pushes my anxiety away added to the desire to hibernate.  So, I had to get used to everything again.  Oddly enough, I made it through Monday and Tuesday fairly well.  Then, someone texted me at 2:25 AM on Wednesday and a few stresses appeared later that day to drive me into the ground.  This is why I’m not sure if even want to try writing since I don’t expect to be very functional.

Jolted awake after a dream that all of Warwick Davis’s characters were trying to kill me in a cemetery (a nightmare induced by the same person who texted me) wasn’t the most draining thing though.  With me getting the TA Level III certification, I’ve had to look into the next stage.  That’s full teacher certification, which I may be able to get the initial one for after passing a few tests.  After that, I need a Masters Degree and that’s where I’m struggling.  I think I found a good online only program, but money might be an issue and I won’t be able to start until the Summer or Fall.  Need to take the GRE again and I haven’t even touched on the actual stress part of the whole thing.

You see, I’m not going to work at the camp during the summer again.  I’ve made this clear because it left me exhausted and I want to work on the teaching certification.  This means, I might not be working through July and August.  Sort of because I do plan on writing books that I can publish later this year and next because that will take a lot off my plate. I can balance classes, tests, and writing fairly easily.  Honestly, I could feasibly do War of Nytefall: Savagery or The Longbow of Ichabod Brooks in July.  Then, I would try to start in on the fantasy tip book when I had my son in August.  All of this is doable even with some switching around.  Yet, some people have become upset by this plan and have been pushing me this week to do other things.  I get the whole ‘other people balance it’ or ‘you’re going to go broke’ even though the first one doesn’t mean everyone can and the second is a lie.  I’d be living off soups for lunches for a while and eating as cheap as possible, so that’s a plus.

My frustration is that I’m trying to figure out what major I should take and get everything else in order.  I’d like to do this without putting the final nail in my author coffin, especially during the year that I wanted to revive it to some extent.  Even if I can pay one bill with my writing, I’ll be happy.  This really feels like I had many people waiting for a chance to tell me I failed and prevent me from trying again.  They might not have had any faith in me in the first place, which seeped into my mind and caused a lot of doubt and low self-esteem.  You see how often I claim to suck and argue against compliments?  That’s a bizarre knee-jerk reaction that I never pay attention to.  By the time I realize it, I’ve already hit send.  Anyway, this is what I’ve been dealing with all week and a big reason why I didn’t have the energy to write at night.

On a more positive note, I’m almost done with the March posts and am looking for topics for April.  Trying to figure out 12 of them and only have 2 right now.  I’m going to do a post on 7 tips to writing depressed characters and 7 tips to writing anxious characters.  I think I’ll end that week with a Questions 3 post to let others talk about writing characters with mental health issues.  Oddly enough, that looks like it will be the week of my 40th birthday too.  After that, I’ll have to figure out 9 more posts.  As usual, I’m always happy to take some requests whether it be about writing, fantasy, Windemere, Nytefall, or whatever you think will work.

I’ve got no real plan for next week.  Probably going to have people pounce on me about the GRE and talk as if getting my Masters is no different than mailing in cereal UPCs.  Glad I spend most of my weekdays at work where people understand how this works.  I do hope to have enough energy to write a bit during the week, but I will probably do blog posts instead.  The part of the book I’m up to is getting complicated because it’s heading into the third/fourth act.  Need time and focus for all this.

Goals for the week?

  1. Get some sleep.
  2. Start watching ‘The Mandolorian’ with my son on a borrowed Disney+.
  3. Puzzle work.
  4. Write 2-3 chapters of War of Nytefall: Ravenous over the 3-day weekend.
  5. Test out War of Nytefall: Eradication blurb tomorrow.
  6. Tinker with other ideas.
  7. Finish March blog posts and start in on April.
  8. Figure out a Sunday post.  That day is becoming harder to figure out since I don’t have a theme for it.
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Top 5 of 2019: The Perverted Character (#4)

This went live on September 9, 2019 and I’m not shocked to see that one of the ‘pervert’ posts made it on here.  Although, I remember check the Top 5 a week before 2019 ended and these posts weren’t close.  They must have gotten a boost in views.  A lot of debating happened over this topic and I’m sure it’ll happen again down below.

Master Roshi (Dragonball); Meliodas (Seven Deadly Sins); Jiraiya (Naruto); Sanji (One Piece)

This is a topic that I’ve been tempted to do for a long time, but I was never sure how it would go over.  Wednesday’s ‘7 Tips’ post is probably going to be worse.  Yet, I’ve been wondering a lot about this archetype after finishing ‘Naruto’, continuing ‘One Piece’, starting ‘Inuyasha’, and talking about ‘Dragonball’.  You’ll notice that all of these are animes and mangas.  To be honest, I can’t think of an American show or movie with a perverted character who isn’t a villain.  So, why is that?

Much of it has to do with cultural taboos.  I think.  Here’s the problem.  I tried to look all of this up and found essay after essay on the topic.  Half of them explained that Japanese culture is more open to nakedness and male desire (not female desire), so this is an acceptable character.  Meanwhile, America has been heavily influenced from the beginning by Christianity, which demonizes nakedness and sex.  So, we would put perverts down as villains while the Japanese have them more as comical heroes.  Still, I couldn’t quite get a full understanding because the Internet is filled with articles by Americans complaining about the perverted characters.  There was a feeling that our cultural sensibilities and standards were being used in place of the one where the stories were created.  This makes it a difficult opinion to go by because it only shows one side.  In the end, I think it does come down to one culture being more open to these types of characters while the other doesn’t like them.  (I’m pretty sure many people who read my blog are already rushing to the comments in order to voice their complaint about the archetype.)

Now, this seems to be only male characters, but I’ve heard that there is a trend of female perverts starting up.  I’ll touch on this a bit more on Friday.  As far as scope, these characters tend to be shameless womanizers who peep and hit on for the most part.  An exception in the picture above is Meliodas who gropes one of the female leads.  (This is one reason I prefer Ban who is a gentleman.)  Still, there is typically a punishment for their actions too.  This is done for comedic effect because the result is always violent.  A slap that sends them skyward, a punch that puts them in the hospital, nosebleeds, heavy objects being smashed on top of them, or something else that befalls the pervert.  Weirdest thing is they will shift right back to a stable character and this ‘quirk’ is put on the back burner until more comedy is needed.

There are some accidental perverts too.  Keitaro from ‘Love Hina’ tends to blunder into situations where he sees one of the female characters naked.  Then he’s punched and sent into the stratosphere.  Not sure where this falls into the category.  Unlike Meliodas, he doesn’t do these things on purpose.  In fact, there are many degrees here.  Sanji (One Piece) mostly hits on female characters by praising their beauty, which is different than Miroku (Inuyasha) asking for women to bare his children.  There is a plot reason for him doing that in case you were wondering and I just realized that he gropes too.  Going further we have Jiraiya of ‘Naruto’ actively peeping on bathing women.  Then you have the gropers like Meliodas and going further we have. . . Well, ‘Neon Genesis Evangelion’ is on Netflix now.  Anyone who has seen the whole series probably knows what I’m talking about.  My point is that this character type does seem to have levels, but all of them boil down to ‘pervert’.

In the end, this is something that I don’t think would go over well in an American story.  It might get some laughs in a sitcom, but you’d have many complaints about the character’s actions.  The classic womanizer is one thing, but peeping toms and gropers, regardless of the punishments, are crossing a line for many people.  At least in this country because much of it depends on what is acceptable in one’s society.  As I said, I saw many articles condemning these characters while others talked about how well-rounded they are since the perverted behavior is a single part.  For example, Jirayai is a peeping tom, but he is a powerful ninja and a wise mentor to Naruto.  Could he be those things without the pervert aspect?  Yes, but that isn’t how he was made and the perverted old mentor does seem to be a thing at times.  They fall under the ‘dirty old man’ label.

Well, I’ve opened Pandora’s Box here.  I’m sure anyone who hasn’t watched anime or read manga will have a little trouble here.  Perhaps these characters are the reason you never got into them.  I have read plenty of series where there isn’t a pervert like ‘Fullmetal Alchemist’, ‘Black Cat’, ‘Cowboy Bebop’, and many others.  Just seems this is a fairly common archetype.  Let’s just try and stay civil in the comments, especially if I try to play Devil’s Advocate.

Miroku getting the usual reaction from Sango

By the way, I really don’t know if I’m going to ever write a character like this.  I tried a little with Fritz Warrenberg in Beginning of a Hero, but he really was more of a dirty flirt than anything like I’ve talked about here.

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Immortal Wars: The Summoning Part 1 #fiction #throwback

Disclaimer: Immortal Wars was the book I came up with and wrote in high school.  I hadn’t even hit college by the time I wrote the first two books.  That means I hadn’t developed my style yet, wasn’t good at self-editing, and the story was fairly basic. So, you’ve been warned that this is the ultimate author throwback segment for my blog and will show my author origins.  FYI-  I put the first book (The Summoning) through a Print-on-Demand publisher and the second one (Light, Blood, & Tears) never saw the light of day.  Enjoy!

It is nearing the end of the twentieth century.  In the center of the sun, an ancient man, with pale skin, wakes up to another long day of waiting.  His sapphire-colored eyes are still trying to open as he slides himself out of a king-sized bed and pulls on a bright, red terry-robe.  The man’s chiseled face and dirty blond ponytail make him appear no older than thirty.  The last of the original guardians wishes that he felt as young as he looked.  Centuries of isolation and waiting have caused him to be much weaker than he ever was.  The only memory of his true power is dangling around his neck.  It is a fist-sized medallion with one big, orange pearl that is surrounded by nine little gemstones of various colors.

“Master Solix!  Good morning, sir.  I hope that you slept well,” says a weird mechanical voice that seems to come from all over the room.  It is the Sun Base’s eternal computer system and it is capable of talking to anyone who is on the sun base.

“Hello, SEAS.  Did anything important happen while I was sleeping?” mumbles Solix as he continues to rub his eyes.  Once he gets his eyes to focus, he walks groggily toward the blue door of his room.  The door effortlessly rises into the ceiling as he approaches it.  When Solix gets out of his bedroom, the massive hallway lights shine so brightly that they he stumbles back into the dim room.

“Damn it!  Turn those damn lights down!  My eyes are not what they used to be, you stupid machine!” the guardian shouts.  Solix had come to find the sentient computer very annoying a little less than a century ago.  He really wanted to turn it off for good, but the base needed it order to stay in one piece.  SEAS also happened to be Solix’s only companion in the entire galaxy.

“Sorry about the lights, sir.  One of the janitorial robots had recently come through here and you know how their sensors are not too keen.  I do have some very crucial matters to discuss with you, but it should wait until you have had your breakfast.  How are the lights now, sir?” asks the computer as the lights begin to slowly dim.  The computer’s concerned tone gives it a genuine sense of human emotion.  If ever asked, the machine admits that it doesn’t mind the barrage of insults and names Solix occasionally uses because it thinks he doesn’t really mean it.

“That’s much better.  You know my next question.  Do these crucial matters involve any new planet guardians or does it concern those nine psychopaths?”

“Both of those subjects are what I must talk to you about.  Let us just say that it has been a busy night for my sensor outposts.  But it might be better if you hear this information on a full, or filling, stomach.”

Solix walks into a large room filled with gleaming, obsidian tables and outlandish recreational games.  Toward the back of the room is an immense arena that is designed for all kinds of sports and training exercises.  The six-armed robot at the bar immediately turns around to put out Solix’s prepared food.  After all this time, SEAS has learned what Solix’s varying moods will cause him to desire.  The sun guardian clumsily sits on a white-cushioned barstool while a shortstack of syrup-drowned pancakes and a plate of small, blue vegetables are placed in front of him.

“For some reason I like this new kind of Earth food.  The only problem is that a lot of it would be very unhealthy if I were anything, but immortal.  Now tell me this important information that I need a full stomach for,” says Solix as he chews on one of the strange vegetables.  With every loud crunch, sparks of electricity shoot out of the vegetable and make burn marks on the metallic bar.

“Well, I have located four new immortals that, amazingly, are all around the age of eighteen.  The problem all these years was that I was searching for newborn immortals and did not realize that immortals of natural birth are only noticed their sixteenth year.  Still a brief, yet very thorough, DNA scan shows that they are the planet guardians of Mars, Earth, Neptune, and Venus.  They are all in the same town and already know each other, which I find to be very strange.  One might consider that either luck or fate is on our side.  I think some of their birthright powers are already working or at least the new guardians are subconsciously aware of them,” answers the mechanical computer voice.

“Then, that makes my mission a lot easier.  If they are older and slightly aware of what they are, I can persuade them without too much of a fight.  After all, teenagers normally respect their elders and don’t put up much of a fuss.  I doubt that part of society has changed much since I last visited.  Which of the planets are these immortals located on?”

“My monitoring systems have told me that they are presently living on the planet Earth like the last group of natural immortals.  They are living in one of the newly established towns in the area called Long Island.  To be even more precise than that, they are in Oceanhead.  I can give exact addresses, but that would take a few minutes.”

Solix scratches his head and asks, “Why Earth?  That was where the last group came from.  What is so special about the third planet?”

“I suppose it deals with both the planet and the humans.  First off, Earth has an excessive amount of life energy.  That could be one reason why the planet is susceptible to the birth of such powerful beings.”

“Makes sense.  After some of the other planets lost a lot of their life energy, it went to the strongest planet in the universe.  Energy cannot be truly destroyed, but it can easily be placed somewhere else.  But, why are humans giving birth to immortals?  Those creatures are so primitive that they shouldn’t even be capable of gaining such power.”

“Not all members of the human race are primitive.  Anyway, there is some kind of rare mutation that can only occur in the genetic structure of Homo sapiens.  It is rather odd, but they do have a more adaptable genetic structure than most bipedal beings.  When it comes to evolutionary advancement the humans are second to the race that created you and the other guardians.  Speaking of which, I have discovered why you are becoming weaker over the decades.  It seems that your energy is diffusing into the atmosphere due to the fact that your mind is losing control.  Your guilt and mourning have weakened you.”

Solix looks up at the ceiling and takes a deep breath before saying, “Never mind what is happening to me.  I don’t really care at this point.  Who am I supposed to find in this town?   I need the immortals’ names.”

“Very well, sir.  They are known as Edward Slane, Kelly Tavinowsky, Steven Vascotti, and Delila Mandervale III.  By my estimates, they should either be together or in pairs of two by the time you arrive.  I still find it strange that the four I found are already together and are aware of each other’s existence,” replies SEAS.

“Why, in all the planets and stars, would they be in pairs of two?”

“The first two that I mentioned are dating each other, as are the last two.  You have really been alive and alone for far too long to forget about being in love, sir.  Maybe you should get out more.”

“Don’t rub it in, you glorified microwave.  Get my armor ready while you tell me what the other important matter is.  Please make it quick and to the point.  I do not want to ask you to explain yourself.”

“Very well, sir.  It seems that a huge vessel had briefly came out of an invisibility field near the planet known as Pluto.  I assume this means that the evil immortals have been hiding in this galaxy for some time.  Such an invention is not known to this galaxy, which means my prediction of them returning with new technology was correct.”

“Then pat yourself on the back.  Do you have any idea of how long they have been in this galaxy?” asks Solix as he finishes his breakfast.

“From their ship’s oldest surviving energy trail, I would have to say at least twenty Earth years.  But you know how the traffic in the border areas can destroy energy trails very easily.  I am surprised the oldest one is still around.  I have also located a few of the older energy trails near Earth’s atmosphere.  There is a very good chance that their plans have already been put into action.”

“Let us pray that you are wrong.  I must leave for Earth, once I get out of this robe and into my armor.  My armor must be ready when I get back to my room, SEAS.  Hold on a second.”

“Yes, sir,” says SEAS while Solix starts stroking his chin.

“What was the first name that you mentioned?” asks Solix.

“Edward Slane.”

“That name sounds oddly familiar.  I think that I’ve heard it before somewhere.  Perhaps it was in one of my dreams over the past few nights.  As I get older, I begin to see the future more clearly.  I think that Edward Slane will play an important role in the coming war.  Damn it!  Why can’t I remember what I dreamed of?”

“You could be senile.”

“Shut up.  I have to get going immediately.  I’ll remember when my mind decides that it is time for me to remember.”

Solix gets up and returns to his room, where he finds that his crimson, medieval armor has been neatly laid out for him.  As he quickly dons the platemail, a small compartment in the wall opens up a few inches to his left. Solix takes out a long, yellow cloak that radiates light from every alien fiber.  He attaches the cloak to the shoulder pads of the armor and it reaches down to his ankles.

“Good luck, sir.  Remember to be very careful when recruiting these new guardians.  We need them to win the immortal wars.  Do not scare them off,” says SEAS.

“Don’t worry.  I’ll only tell them what they need to know and keep the past hidden.  And don’t even try to stop me,” Solix says as his body begins to glow like a white star.  In a matter of seconds, Solix has teleported to the planet Earth in hopes of finding the new guardians.

“I would not dream of it.  But that plan can easily blow up in your face, sir.  Just like the last plan,” thinks SEAS as he starts to prepare four bedrooms.

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