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Kickstarter Help! Sidekicks Issues #2-4

A friend of mine is running a Kickstarter to help publish the next 3 books in his comic series. ABOUT SIDEKICKS In a world where Super-Heroes are celebrities, egos rampage out of control. Five of Chicago’s most dependable Sidekicks are … Continue reading

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What Do You Think of Minor Powers in Books?

Now, I’m not talking about wielding great magic or superheroes with an array of abilities because those are rather heavy.  I’m talking about this minor abilities that some heroes in fiction have.  Maybe it’s an enhanced sense or the natural … Continue reading

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Simple Thought to End My Day

As my eyes close from exhaustion, I feel my mind wander to thoughts and questions that I tend to block.  This one I’m going to simply leave here: If your superpower was the ability to fly, how would you do … Continue reading

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