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Relics of Our Younger Days

We keep them Close or far away Some in the open Others packed and stored And a few that pass along Held by newer hands The remnants of our past Catalysts For old memories That get fainter by the year

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Root Canal

It starts with pain That gets worse Before it gets better * You go for help After praying to the insurance gods That pay a little of the fee * The hope of simplicity Is ruined by two words Root … Continue reading

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Tears of a Battered Hero

Symbol of courage Expected to bend Yet never break Ignoring the human side That all heroes should possess * A limit has been reached Tears flow Down cheeks marred with dirt And blood friend and foe A heroic spirit crumbles … Continue reading

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The Perfect Tool

It is time to write Yet what tool shall I use today So many options * A pencil maybe? Great if I make a mistake Yet there is smearing * Perhaps a new pen Because I feel confident I think … Continue reading

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The Lords of Monsters

Image of human Power of a monster Soul of a demon The vampires rule all Who live in the shadows And feed on the edges Of the society they once knew Sitting upon a throne Polished to a shine The … Continue reading

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The Manuscript Drips Red

Returning to the words That have gestated and grown Will they work Or reveal my first draft stumbles? * Music turned on To break the itching silence As I sit down to peruse And carve out broken bits * Fix … Continue reading

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Mythology in the Shadows

Centuries ago The gods and goddesses played Controlling nature Answering mortal questions And punishing at whims A deity for every aspect That life threw into the path Lording over monsters and heroes To teach lessons The beloved fables of their … Continue reading

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