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Poetry Day: Aquarium of Montgomery Drawlls

(This is a silly poem I made about an aquarium with unique creatures.  I would make poems like this just to flex my imagination.  It’s similar to Bestiary of Blatherhorn Vale, which I made years ago.) If you find yourself … Continue reading

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Poetry Day: Night of 1,000 Stenches

(One of my sillier poems.  Inspired by a weekly ritual at college, which always had an iffy aftermath.) Arriving once a month Scheduled By a demented madman The night begins With the innocent feast Replicas of food From a foreign … Continue reading

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7 Tips to Writing a Zany Story

Writing a crazy or zany series isn’t easy.  Many people think it is because they believe you just throw everything out there.  Yet, there does have to be something to hold the events and characters together.  Otherwise, you have an … Continue reading

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From the Mouth of the Toddler

I was thinking of doing some poems about children and the different types you can find at the toddler stage.  Then, my son started saying silly things and I opted to make this list of his more amusing quotes: “I’m … Continue reading

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When the PapiZ says Post, we Post . . .

You asked for it. Here it is. An IM/CY production in honour of out good friend Papizilla and Friday the 13th. You can see the challenge he has set forth here: http://theliterarysyndicate.com/2013/09/13/papi-prompts-2/ Hey, Charles? Yes, Ionia? I’m bored. Uh oh…. … Continue reading

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