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First Day of Goal Battling & Rambling

I’m going to try to write successes when I reach them to see if that pushes me forward better.  I noticed last week that I kept thinking ‘I still have time’ until I hit Thursday and realized everything went wrong. … Continue reading

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You Know What Sucks About a 5am Wake Up?

Everything! I have to wake up at 5am to get showered, dressed in a suit, crack the whip on the wife to get ready, and then tangle with the toddler to get him into the car.  I have a Bar … Continue reading

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So Much for That

Yeah . . . Me having a guest this weekend and it being a fun weekend has gone down in flames . . . then it was resurrected as a phoenix . . . only to be shot and stuffed … Continue reading

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My Arsenal of Imagination

This is the pile or at least what happens when I gather all of my writings.  I think I missed a notebook or two also because I just noticed one poking out of the bookcase where I put it two … Continue reading

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