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Questions 3: Your Favorite Pieces of Fiction

We all have preferences and favorites.  Sometimes, we can be a little pushy in sharing these while other times our declarations are perfectly accepted.  In a way, these interactions can be considered a piece of promoting.  It’s usually for popular … Continue reading

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Songs That I Can’t Help, But Sing To

Since we’re going to see ‘Frozen’ on Broadway, I’ve been thinking about songs that I end up singing to if I hear them.  I can stop myself if I’m aware of it, but being caught unawares means I’m going to … Continue reading

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What Do You Miss About Being Human? (Cast of War of Nytefall)

As you get older, you start to miss things from your youth.  The same goes for immortals that can’t interact with human society.  So, I wondered what favorite things my vampires miss from their old lives. Clyde– The thrill of … Continue reading

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Monstrous Favorites

When working in fantasy, you have a ton of monsters to choose from.  That’s not counting anything you make up.  Still, I wonder if every author has his or her own favorite fantasy monster.  That one monster that has to … Continue reading

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