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Happy ‘Tell a Fairy Tale’ Day with Sari

So, I saw it was ‘Tell a Fairy Tale Day’ and wanted to do something.  My first thought was to do a bunch of memes.  I was also going to maybe promote an old experiment of mine called The Hopeteller.  That … Continue reading

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The Cunning Gypsy (Part 1 of a Fairy Tale)

Once upon a time there was a noble Queen and a young Princess. They lived peacefully in the kingdom of Shayde until an evil King took the throne.  He was kind and fair at first, allowing them to live in … Continue reading

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Excerpt: On Her Own (Unedited from The Compass Key)

Kira slips onto the balcony and closes the door behind her, the ocean air making her shiver with excitement. She climbs onto the railing and eyes the thick anchor chain that is a feet around the side of the ship. … Continue reading

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City Poem: Gaia

The western Sister Largest of her siblings Bustling with every race From orc to elf to calico Each living side by side As griffins guard the sky Sun glints off the tower Built by rainbow stones Cascading on a marketplace … Continue reading

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Monstrous Favorites

When working in fantasy, you have a ton of monsters to choose from.  That’s not counting anything you make up.  Still, I wonder if every author has his or her own favorite fantasy monster.  That one monster that has to … Continue reading

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