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I Swear Things Happened this Week . . . Damned If I Remember What Though

(Loved the fight scene when this song showed up.  Annoyed that they only have it in two parts instead of one full video.  I was tempted to post them, but people don’t seem to bother with videos.) I’ve been out … Continue reading

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The Defeated of the Summer

As some may remember, I worked at a summer camp this year.  My job was to run the indoor areas like the game room and the arcade.  Throughout the summer, I had some time to play a few video games … Continue reading

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Video Games of Influence

I was asked if there were any video games that influenced my writing.  First, I should mention that I went from an Atari 2600 to a Super Nintendo.   So I only played the old NES when I got together with … Continue reading

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To Hear that Song in My Heart

I played a lot of videogames in my youth and many of them were platformers and rpgs.  That’s not really important.  One thing that always struck me was the music in a lot of these games.  The video above is … Continue reading

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Ask and Be Answered: Most Underrated Video Game Characters

I know I said I would answer the questions from this page on Sunday, but I’m losing Sunday to movie and celebration of my publishing with my wife.  So, here is the lone question of the page: Readfulthings asked: Who … Continue reading

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