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Happy ‘Tell a Fairy Tale’ Day with Sari

So, I saw it was ‘Tell a Fairy Tale Day’ and wanted to do something.  My first thought was to do a bunch of memes.  I was also going to maybe promote an old experiment of mine called The Hopeteller.  That … Continue reading

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Songs That I Can’t Help, But Sing To

Since we’re going to see ‘Frozen’ on Broadway, I’ve been thinking about songs that I end up singing to if I hear them.  I can stop myself if I’m aware of it, but being caught unawares means I’m going to … Continue reading

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Villain Teaser Excerpt: Trinity, the Chaos Elf Queen

Queen Trinity of the chaos elves is the powerful rival and playmate of Nyx.  They have a very interesting relationships and I love it when they can fight each other.  Trinity debuted in the prologue of Prodigy of Rainbow Tower, … Continue reading

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Tiara Wars & The Sword of Bone

Given the theme of the week, I looked through my future projects for one that had married characters.  Apparently, I don’t really have anything like that unless I want to go for heavy spoilers.  Instead, I’ll mention these two ideas … Continue reading

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Character Origins: Queen Ionia

First, this character is named after Ionia of Readfulthings.  She has become a dear friend even though we only met this year, 2013.  So, I’m sure people are already jumping to the comments for one reason or another. Now, the … Continue reading

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Fat Bottomed Girls by Queen

Why?  Because I’ve heard this song 5 times today on Pandora or the television.  So, I thought I’d share.

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Princes of the Universe by Queen (Two stories and an extra video)

When I got into fencing, I got into Highlander.  This song came with that and it’s the only thing that’s stayed.  In fact, I keep pausing here to sing along.  (No man can be my equal!)  I should pause the … Continue reading

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