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Long Delayed Meetings

Funny how it took me so long to get to this post.  To be fair, I made a note on a piece of paper with badly erased pencil on it.  Anyway, this is about characters that are connected, but don’t … Continue reading

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Author Comforts: A Schedule to Keep Me Sane

This week I’m going to open the door to a few the things I use to get me through a project . . . week . . . day?  These are mostly going to be discussion-like posts since these things … Continue reading

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Et tu, Pandora?

I listen to Pandora when I’m blogging and writing.  There have been a few times the songs fit what I’m writing, which is great.  Hero by Skillet for a Luke scene is an example of this. Today, it is very … Continue reading

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Is it Progress or Frustration?

The idea hits you like a lightning bolt.  It’s a simple plan, but the sense of something epic behind the first idea is there.  You just need to nurture it and help it bloom into a story that you can’t … Continue reading

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Badass by Saliva

I’m putting this song up simply because of its amazing timing.  I’m writing the scene that kicks off the HUGE battle in The Compass Key.  This started up the moment I wrote ‘the half-elven warrior charging at the zombies’.  That’s … Continue reading

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