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King of the Jungle He Doesn’t Live In: The Lion

For the life of me, I don’t know why it took me this long to get to the lion. It could be because I always preferred tigers, but I also kind of gravitated towards animals that people might not already … Continue reading

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The Ghosts of the Mountain: Snow Leopards

The first time I heard about a snow leopard was when I read about them in Zoobooks.  I got the whole set of those magazines.  I can’t remember if they had their own issue or it was one for big … Continue reading

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Big Cat of the City: The Leopard

This was a tough one because there are 8 subspecies.  All of them look the same, so getting the pictures was a pain.  I gave up and decided to simply go for a general thing.  There isn’t much difference between … Continue reading

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The Only Panthera of the Americas: The Jaguar

I was going to say ‘big cat’ instead of ‘Panthera’ (the genus), but I thought some people would argue that there are pumas and mountain lions in the Americas.  I never really understood why those aren’t considered big cats, but … Continue reading

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The Fastest Land Animal Needs Help: The Cheetah

The cheetah can run from 50-80 MPH.  It’s synonymous with speed, which is where many people stop thinking about them.  Unfortunately, they’re also very endangered.  I remember being told that this was because they suffered from a lot of inbreeding, … Continue reading

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My Favorite Animal: The Beautiful and Deadly Tiger

I love tigers.  They’re always my favorite at the zoo with red pandas coming in second.  So, I’m well aware of how endangered they are.  Only 3,900 left in the wild with breeding programs trying to fix that.  3 subspecies … Continue reading

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