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The Ghosts of the Mountain: Snow Leopards

The first time I heard about a snow leopard was when I read about them in Zoobooks.  I got the whole set of those magazines.  I can’t remember if they had their own issue or it was one for big … Continue reading

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Teaser Tuesday: Up the Mountain

Welcome back to Teaser Tuesday.  Going to start off with Luke Callindor since he won the poll back in mid-June.  I’m aiming for fresh teasers too, so not going back to old posts unless I have to.  This time we’re … Continue reading

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The Barbarian City of Stonehelm

Tribe of the Snow Tiger will introduce a new region of Windemere, which is the edge of the northern mountains.  This is just beyond the border of Serab and is mostly wilderness, but that doesn’t mean it’s devoid of civilization. … Continue reading

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