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#5 of 2022: The Flamingo Post!

(It’s that time of year where I repost the Top 5 of the previous year.  Always fun to see which posts got the most attention.  As usual, I only picked from the ones that were posted for the first time … Continue reading

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The Umbrellabirds! (Sounds like a Decent Rock Band)

Been looking for some birds to do, but so many species have tons of subspecies.  So, they seemed to massive to tackle.  Then, I found these guys who were named by Sir Alfred Wallace in the 1800’s. Umbrellabirds get their … Continue reading

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The Smallest Ratite: The Kiwi

As promised, here is the 5th ratite, which is a family of flightless birds.  Unlike the emu, ostrich, rhea, and cassowary, the kiwi is small.  Some are no bigger than a domestic chicken.  They are also endangered, so there are … Continue reading

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The Tall, Long-Necked Ratites

Originally, I was going to do a post for each one, but I found that the subspecies all looked the same.  That was becoming an issue for previous posts where I didn’t know if I had the right subspecies.  So, … Continue reading

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The Kagu: Last of the Rhynochetos

First, Rhynochetos is this genus of this animal.  Second, the Kagu is a bird, which might have thrown a few people off if they didn’t see the pictures.  I don’t even remember how I stumbled onto this one. The Kagu … Continue reading

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Happy Pink Flamingo Day! Let’s See the Inspiration

So, today is the National Pink Flamingo Day, which is about these guys: I thought it would be more interesting to do a post about the real thing.  After all, flamingos are one of the most identifiable and popular birds … Continue reading

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The Talon Series by Gigi Sedlmayer #asmsg #adventure

Talon: Come Fly With Me (Book 1) Nine year old Matica lives in a remote village on a dry plateau in the Andes of Peru. She moved to Peru when she was five with Australian missionary and schoolteacher parents. Because … Continue reading

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So You Wanna Use a Pet in Fiction?

Long ago, I remember playing a D&D game where our group had several pets.  There was a bear who ended up being killed by a goblin firing squad.  Two wolves that were killed because the player kept demanding we heal … Continue reading

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Charles Versus the Crane

Bastet has requested that I tell the story of the crane in the store.  This is another tale of my time as a Hollywood Video employee.  In fact, this was during my 3-month stint as a store manager.   They were … Continue reading

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