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Error: No Post Title Found

This week has been busy with the kid going back to school.  It starts earlier than the regular school year, but I’m up at 5:30 AM anyway.  Gives me an hour to get email and social media done before I … Continue reading

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Beginning of the End: What Have You Learned as a Blogger?

So this is the final full week of posts from me.  Sure, I might reblog on Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday.  I might even do a full week for special events like releases or holidays.  One thing is that I’ll be … Continue reading

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Author Comforts: A Schedule to Keep Me Sane

This week I’m going to open the door to a few the things I use to get me through a project . . . week . . . day?  These are mostly going to be discussion-like posts since these things … Continue reading

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The Future of Legends of Windemere

So after seeing responses to last night’s post about cutting back on blogging and not knowing what to put on here.  Most people wanted me to talk about myself, which might take a little time.  The main reason is because … Continue reading

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Distracted Author at Lunch

Working like possessed Swearing to eat at noon Maybe some heated pizza Or step out for meatball sub Chinese is down the block There are soups within the cupboard Just need to finish this final line Paragraph Scene Chapter When … Continue reading

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Not Enough

There is never enough Hours feel like minutes Minutes pass like seconds A second does not exist Scrambling through my day Or inching along my timeline The ending is the same Not enough time Not nearly enough time

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I Got Nothing

I think this is the first day in a while where I don’t have anything planned for my blog.  I have no book excerpts, no thoughts on writing, no ask a character, and the poetry challenge is over.  I should … Continue reading

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