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‘War of Nytefall: Lost’ Cover Teaser and Call for Volunteers

This is going to be brief and to the point.  Check out the teaser cover: War of Nytefall: Lost will be released on September 7th, so I’m hoping to get some bloggers to help promote it.  I’m on the fence … Continue reading

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Another Taste of the War of Nytefall: Loyalty Cover

I was going to do an excerpt, but got this over the weekend.  Thought it best to share.  Enjoy: Looking forward to the next taste.

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War of Nytefall: Loyalty Cover Teaser

While it might be a few months away, I have a preliminary sketch for the War of Nytefall: Loyalty cover. The artist is Alison Hunt and the idea is to do a symbol for each cover. Enjoy.

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Another Warlord of the Forgotten Age Update

Jason sent me some progress shots to share.  This will also explain what is meant by traditional methods and explain why things are taking longer than expected.  Hope people enjoy what they see:

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Warlord of the Forgotten Age: Cover Teaser!

This is only a sketch, but Jason said I could share.  Hope everyone enjoys the preview.

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Path of the Traitors Coming Soon! Enjoy the Cover Peek

Pretty sure the title says it all.  I’m aiming for the weekend to get things ready and I’ll be using the permanent volunteer list like before.  If you aren’t sure you’re on that and want to help spread the word … Continue reading

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Ritual of the Lost Lamb Cover Teaser

So, I just received a cover sample from Jason as well as a cropped section that can go up on the blog.  The plan is for Legends of Windemere: Ritual of the Lost Lamb to go live in early May.  Not … Continue reading

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Chasing Bedlam Cover Art Teaser!

So it’s Super Bowl time here, which means guests and errands.  I’ll do my best to reply to comments, check emails, and handle tweets.  At least until the beer kicks in.  Joking because I have to drive someone home at … Continue reading

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Charms of the Feykin Cover Teaser

As of writing this, I’m not sure I’ll be around for most of the day.  Family outing to the zoo before the heat and humidity get terrible again.  So, I’m leaving a cover art teaser for the 2’s of people … Continue reading

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Tribe of the Snow Tiger Update

So, I’ve been dancing around this little tidbit and wondering when I should mention what’s going on.  After all, it’s been a while since I released a Legends of Windemere book and I keep doing my ‘hope to release’ statement.  At … Continue reading

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