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A Few Questions To Answer: Quick and to the Point

L.Marie asked: RPGs inspired you in the past. What inspires you now? I’ve always been inspired by a lot of things, but tabletop RPG’s allowed me to test out my characters.  When I started, I was influenced by comic books, video … Continue reading

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Comics that Influenced Me

Somebody asked me to write a post about the various comic books that influenced my writing.  This is a tough one because I was into a lot of them and was running off to comic show after comic show.  I … Continue reading

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Influenced by Anime: Long Influence List

Last Saturday I mentioned some of the video games that inspired me.  Today I’m moving on to anime, which are Japanese cartoons. This is a longer list since I was introduced to anime around the same time I started creating … Continue reading

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Video Games of Influence

I was asked if there were any video games that influenced my writing.  First, I should mention that I went from an Atari 2600 to a Super Nintendo.   So I only played the old NES when I got together with … Continue reading

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Author Life: Influences from Every Corner

It’s hard, if not impossible, to delve into the life of an author without touching on the thing that sets them off.  You have your imagination or a real life tale to tell, but something triggers your desire to write … Continue reading

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