Goal Post: This Fool is Happy It’s April

Oh man . . . This week definitely felt like I got strapped into a roller coaster with duct tape and it went haywire.  Can’t even say I hit the ground running.  I definitely hit the ground, but more of a faceplant followed by having to drag myself along.  So, what exactly happened?

People might remember that I worked last Saturday.  This required getting up at 5:30 in the morning and spending the day at a Robotics competition.  Don’t get me wrong.  It was a lot of fun and our team did a great job.  Of course, this went until 6 PM, which was longer than I expected.  All I had to eat was a cookie dough protein bar since the food there was too expensive for being basic fare.  This meant gorging on pizza when I got home and that was the end of me for the evening.  Once I laid down, I felt every ache and pain from a day of standing or sitting on uncomfortable seats.  Again, watching the competition and seeing the students at their best was great.  It just took a lot out of me and that set the stage for the rest of the week.

This put me in a tough position too.  Do I spend Sunday resting up for the last full week before Spring Break or do I write?  Well, I tried to do the latter as well as 30 minutes of biking in the morning.  Fought through the soreness and mild exhaustion to write 2/3’s of chapter 11.  My hope was to write the last bit during the week, but that never happened due to events.  So, Darwin & the Demon Game hasn’t made much in the way of progress.  Not as much as I had hoped, but I probably kept my expectations high.  What did I expect from a week like this?

For one thing, there was the usual drama that I can’t get into.  Really wish I could because I need some venting.  Sadly, it isn’t in the cards.  Anyway, the rest of the week did a number on me.  There was a Parent Orientation for incoming 9th graders on Monday, so I spent an evening at that.  I knew a lot of the curriculum information since I work in a high school and I knew the layout of the school since I went there back in the 90’s.  Still, I got hear about the clubs a bit and get a feel for the scheduling.  My ex-wife showed up with my son too, so I got to give him a tour of the school.  I can’t remember every room that I had classes in, but I think I got most of them.

Things get a lot chaotic after that Monday event.  My son had a lot of reading assignments, which are always a challenge.  Tuesday was really rough since he started reading ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’.  I came home from a meeting to find him on the verge of a meltdown after struggling with the first 2 pages.  Thankfully, he blurted out that he preferred the previous book with bigger letters.  Tossed my shoes and jacket back on to rush to the library to get a large print version.  Made things so much easier and started a week long discussion about this being an official accommodation.  I’ve seen plenty of kids have a ‘large print’ accommodation for tests and books, so this isn’t anything new.  Really glad I figured this out before we went for too long because it would have been a rough week if this battle lasted.

Wednesday had most of the ‘drama that cannot be named’ due to people who think the rules are there for them to change at their whim.  Thursday was . . . All I remember is getting ramen with my son after a rough reading period.  We had an evening appointment too, so the schedule was thrown off entirely.  By the time Friday hit, I felt like everything else was a distant dream and just marched to the end.  Heck, I almost forgot to write this blog post because I didn’t even realize the day of the week.  Still have to do 20 minutes of biking for the week too, but I’ll do that today while my son does some reading.

This coming week should be easier.  Only three days of school/work and then we’re on Spring Break.  Of course, this starts with Passover, which means I start with there being no more bread in the house.  Goodbye sausage, egg, and bagel sandwiches for 8 days.  On the plus side, I’ll get to sleep in and I get my son for the first 5.5 days of the break.  This includes my birthday.  We have some fun plans, which include a few movies, video games, and Lego sets.  That’s a reason why I’m pushing to get a little extra schoolwork done this weekend.  At least today since we’ll be visiting family tomorrow.  Been a while since I saw my niece and even longer for my son to have spent time with her.  Actually, I think it was February for both of us due to the craziness.  Good times will be had.

Darwin & the Demon Game will get some attention if possible.  I’ll be happy if I can write that final section of chapter 11.  That will leave me with 21 sections to go, which I can get pretty far into during Spring Break.  I’m almost done setting up the June posts to help promote Do I Need to Use a Dragon? too.  Those are really just excerpts with each week covering one of the four sections.  Figure that’s a better idea while leading to a July 3rd book release.  I’m trying to think up some more topic, thoughtful posts about ‘how to’ books and giving advice for July.

I do have a quick question though:  Does it make sense to price the eBook at 99 cents for the month of July and boost it to $3.99 at the start of August?  I keep thinking of doing this, but it seems tough to pull off without actual promos.  Maybe I’ll just put a reminder on every July post that it’s 99 cents for the month.  I’m still not sure if I want to go $3.99, $2.99, or maybe $4.99.  A nobody giving advice doesn’t seem like it would go for a high price.

Well, this post is getting longer than expected.  I need to get on with the list and dig into the day.

Goals of the week:

  1. Help son with schoolwork.
  2. Work for 3 days.  Should be fun.
  3. Finish the June posts, which might happen today.
  4. Start July posts.
  5. Finish chapter 11 of Darwin & the Demon Game.
  6. Biking!
  7. Passover . . . Matzah as far as the eye can see.
  8. Get tickets for ‘Dungeons & Dragons’ to see with my son.  Already got April 9th tickets for ‘Super Mario Brothers’ since it’s my birthday movie.
  9. Continue watching ‘Leverage: Redemption’ Season 2.
  10. Start a new puzzle.
  11. Family time.
  12. Emotionally prepare for turning 43 next Sunday.
  13. Deal with drama because I know it’s coming.

About Charles Yallowitz

Charles E. Yallowitz was born, raised, and educated in New York. Then he spent a few years in Florida, realized his fear of alligators, and moved back to the Empire State. When he isn't working hard on his epic fantasy stories, Charles can be found cooking or going on whatever adventure his son has planned for the day. 'Legends of Windemere' is his first series, but it certainly won't be his last.
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20 Responses to Goal Post: This Fool is Happy It’s April

  1. noelleg44 says:

    I can sympathize with your son. There are some books where the print is too small for my old eyes – why I like Kindle – you can adjust the font size!


  2. I’m glad you found an easy accommodation for your kid. Hopefully he can focus on the content of the text more.

    As for the ebook prices, I do think a month of lower pricing can be an enticement. If it won’t cost you anything (besides in the price of units sold) I think you should try it and see if it’s effective.

    I guess you could also do some digging into the timing, as summer book releases have a reputation for being difficult. Prople are doing other things. So maybe think about holding off until fall?


    • He’s trying to focus, but it’s still a challenge. I was thinking of holding off until the fall, but it’s impossible for me to do it during a school year. The fall is when my son starts high school, so I don’t think I’ll be able to juggle that, work, something else that might be going on, and a book release. That’s why I’m hoping to use June to boost interest and publish at the start of summer. Maybe people using summer as writing time will help me out. To be honest, I have no faith in my books selling much. At this point, I’ll just be happy to publish something since it’s been over a year since the end of ‘War of Nytefall’.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I always like to intro a book at 99¢ and then raise the price. It grates my teeth to support someone at full price, and then they drop the price to 99¢ four weeks later.


  4. I’ve tried many things with pricing. It all seemed to come out the same in the end, so I just plunk them out at $2.99 and leave them there these days. You beat me on word count. I didn’t accomplish a thing in that direction and won’t next weekend either.


  5. ospreyshire says:

    A temporary 99 cents sale could be good and could possibly get you some more buyers. Sorry to hear that you’ve been dealing with drama wherever you are. I get it if you have to vent despite it being something you can’t talk about online. I’ve been in that situation before during my years of blogging. I hope you have a good Passover even though it involves the obvious no-leavening thing happening those days. 43? Wow, happy early birthday!


  6. Victoria Zigler says:

    I’m tired just reading about your week. Just saying.

    Glad you figured out quickly that larger print makes things easier on your son. Hope knowing he needs that helps things go relatively smoothly with future reading assignments and such.

    Sometimes lower prices help. Sometimes they don’t. I don’t even know how you’re meant to figure that out ahead of time any more, so I don’t know what to tell you as regards that.

    Good luck with this week’s events, and the upcoming celebrations.


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